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Life in Afghanistan: Readers' photos

Faizabad - the provincial capital of Badakhshan in north-eastern Afghanistan

Readers sent their pictures from Afghanistan. Salma Zulfiqar took this photo of Faizabad - the provincial capital of Badakhshan in north-eastern Afghanistan.

The traditional Afghan sport of buzkashi

Salma Zulfiqar is a UN media worker. She went to see the Afghan sport of buzkashi in Faizabad. "It's the Afghan version of polo."

Women watching buzkashi

"Buzkashi is a male-dominated event and while men on horseback chase a carcass, women watch from a distance." (Photo: Salma Zulfiqar)

A village in Baghlan province

Omer Khan visited this village in Baghlan province. "It has been forgotten by the government. The villagers set up a school by themselves, attended by boys and girls", he said.

View of Bamiyan

"Bamiyan once thrived from the Silk Road trade. Elements of Greek, Persian and Buddhist art were combined into the unique Greco-Buddhist art. (Photo: Omer Khan)

Afghan refugees from Iran living in a camp in Herat province

"These boys are deported Afghan refugees from Iran, who now live in a refugee camp in Herat province." (Photo: Omer Khan)

A boy standing next to a water pump

Natalia Palubinski works on water and sanitation projects. "Water is a scarcity and an important factor whether a village survives or not."

Villagers building a dam

"These villagers have been without water for seven months. Instead of waiting for help from the government, they started to build a dam by themselves." (Photo: Natalia Palubinski)

An old woman

Natalia Palubinski: "Men usually love to be photographed, but women are very shy. I was lucky to take this photo in a Turkmen village near Aqcha."

The local shops in Daikondi

Ahmad Sabri took this photo of the local shops while doing his job for a local health organisation in Daikondi province.

Girls in traditional clothes

"These local girls in traditional clothes came to the clinic in Daikondi." (Photo: Ahmad Sabri)

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