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Last Updated: Tuesday, 13 February 2007, 15:36 GMT
Your new-build nightmares

New homes

More than 80% of new homes don't meet design standards, says the architecture watchdog. The Magazine asked readers to send their examples of "new-build nightmares".

The view from Anna Waites' living room

"This is the view from one of the windows in our living room - the side of the garage about 4ft away," says Anna Waites, of Flitwick, Beds, of her house built in 1989.

Rubbish outside the St Peter's estate, Leicester.

This is a "daily feature" outside the main entrance says Mel Gordon, of the St Peter's estate, Leicester. There's been "no adequate provision to where residents should put rubbish."

Kitchen sink

"So called 'city living' clearly doesn't involve making a pot of tea," says Matt M of his new-build flat in Manchester. "The spout is so low I can only fill a quarter of the kettle."

Broken glass from smashed car windon on the kerb

As a crime prevention officer, Michael Powis has much to say about new-build nightmares. Here, limited parking puts cars on the street, where chances of vehicle crime are higher.

Unlit path between houses

Limited parking again (top right) is apparent here, while a narrow, unlit path (left) makes easy access for burglars. The houses for sale (bottom, right) have "dropped in value".

Mr Powis' garage

"The safest place to park your car is in the garage," says Mr Powis, based in Nottinghamshire. "But garages are often far too small for even small family hatchbacks."

Rows of cars parked outside new homes

The "car dominated frontage" makes for a wealth of vehicle opportunities, says Mr Powis. Send more pics to, subject line "Homes".

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