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Last Updated: Saturday, 20 January 2007, 17:58 GMT
In pictures: Making the Oscars

Oscars manufacturer Anacledo Medina

A Chicago factory is manufacturing the statuettes that will be handed out at next month's Academy Awards. Anacledo Medina has cast every Oscar made in the past 24 years.

A pantograph is used to add a serial number to the base of every Oscar.

Each statuette takes 40 hours of work to make. A pantograph is used to add a serial number to the base of every Oscar.

An Oscar statuette being buffed.

About 55 to 60 trophies are made every year under tight security by RS Owens.

Oscar during the gold plating process.

Each Oscar is dipped in electrically-charged bins of molten copper, nickel, silver and 24-carat gold and then lacquered to a blinding shine.

Pedro Barrera looks over an Oscar statuette

Every Oscar is closely inspected for defects - if it is not perfect, it is sliced in half and used for scrap.

Five Oscars at different stages of manufacture

The five stages of making an Oscar (left-right): Britannia pewter base, copper, nickel, silver, then 24-carat gold.

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