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Last Updated: Thursday, 21 June 2007, 09:23 GMT 10:23 UK
The 1990s through a lens

Protest in Belfast, 1996

Peace protest in west Belfast, 1996. "This showed the general nationalist and republican view that a peaceful 'way out' of the troubles had to be found," says Liam McAreavey.

Raych Abbott and friend Emily in 1997

Boybands were huge in the 90s. Raych Abbott (left) and friend Emily waited for hours hoping to catch a glimpse of the Backstreet Boys before their NEC Birmingham concert in 1997.

Dutch fans in Birmingham, 1996

Dutch fans in Birmingham's Victoria Square at Euro 96. "This picture brings back a memory of Birmingham, and England, being on the world stage," says Martin O'Connell.

Carrie Knightley with mother in Southend in 1990

"I loved my mum's hair - reminds me so much of Lou out of Little Britain," says Carrie Knightley. "You've got to check out the shorts as well - proper late 80s/early 90s disaster."

Daniel Kings, Birmingham 1998

Daniel Kings DJing in 1998 in Birmingham. "That's what the 90s was all about for me - excess, hedonism, exploration, not caring so much about what other people thought," he says.

Caroline Wallis

Caroline Wallis starting primary school in 1991. At the time she hated the brown, leather satchel and replaced it with a bright lunchbox but now at university, she'd love to have one.

Kingston, 1996

Christmas 1996, Kingston-upon-Thames. "A big party atmosphere accompanied 'Cool Britannia' and Britpop," says Peter Smolenski (in red). "A great time to be at university."

Cedar Road School, Northampton in 1999

Bouncy castles and face painting at a school fete in Northampton in 1999. These fun activities were very much a 1990s childhood experience, says mum Ruth Thomas.

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