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Last Updated: Thursday, 16 November 2006, 18:48 GMT
In pictures: A Beijing school day

Exterior of Beijing Academy of Educational Science Pilot Middle School

Beijing Academy of Educational Science Pilot Middle School is home to more than 800 pupils and 120 teachers. There are more than 200 boarders and the rest are day pupils.

Bikes lined up outside the school.

Many of the students who live locally cycle to school. Others can spend several hours getting there daily by bus.

Children at work in a classroom in the Beijing academy

Classes begin at 0730 and run until 1700 each day. Subjects include history, geography, maths, languages and citizenship.

A science class in action at the Beijing academy

One teacher prepares for a science lesson. The children learn physics, chemistry and biology.

Equipment for the science class

The equipment used for the science lesson is basic but functional.

Food is served to pupils in the school canteen

Lunch is served just after midday. The menu consists of rice, meat or fish and piping hot noodles.

Pupils eating lunch in the school canteen

All the pupils eat in the canteen and take the chance to catch up with their friends, before engaging in a sporting activity or some study.

Table tennis and recreation time for children in the school courtyard

Table tennis is a favourite in China and pupils have the use of several tables in the school courtyard.

Students at work in the library of the Beijing academy

Some children choose to spend their break time in the school library. There is a selection of literature and daily newspapers available.

Boys playing football in the school grounds

Sport plays a big role in the school. The children are keenly awaiting the Olympic Games in 2008.

Students playing basketball in the school grounds

Surrounded by high-rise housing, the school has football pitches, basketball courts and a running track. Time for sport and exercise is built into the school day.

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