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Last Updated: Monday, 23 October 2006, 11:00 GMT 12:00 UK
In pictures: Mouth and Foot painters

Picture of Neuschwanstein Castle by Steven Chambers

An exhibition celebrating 50 years of the Mouth & Foot Painting Artists (MFPA) is on at the Royal College of Art. This picture of Neuschwanstein Castle is by Steven Chambers.

Picture of Doves by Peter Longstaff

The MFPA was founded by Eric Stegmann, from Germany, who painted using his mouth. Norfolk artist Peter Longstaff, who painted Doves, has disabilities caused by thalidomide.

Picture of Path to Hills by Daphne Allan

More than 600 artists are registered with the MFPA. Once they reach a professional standard they get a salary for life. Somerset artist Daphne Allan is also affected by thalidomide.

Picture of Lake Windermere by Trevor Wells

Trevor Wells discovered a talent for painting after breaking his neck when he was 20. His pictures - like this one of Lake Windermere - have an almost photographic quality.

Picture of a London scene by Tom Yendell

Tom Yendell, who runs the MFPA gallery in Hampshire, paints using his feet, having been born without arms because of thalidomide.

Picture of Sunset by George Hopkins

George Hopkins is ten years older than the MFPA itself - he was born in Kent in 1946. As a result of cerebral palsy he does not have the use of his hands.

Picture of Through the Window by Richard Wood.

Richard Wood was paralysed after a diving accident at the age of 21. He began painting using his mouth while staying at a spinal unit in Wiltshire. He is a student artist of the MFPA.

Picture of Spitfire by Ian Parker

Ian Parker was born with a medical condition which meant his joints were permanently fixed. He started painting at school and has a degree in fine art.

Picture of a winter landscape painted by Alison Lapper

Perhaps the best-known MFPA member is artist Alison Lapper. She shot to fame when a statue of her naked and pregnant went on display in London's Trafalgar Square.


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