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Last Updated: Tuesday, 11 July 2006, 12:59 GMT 13:59 UK
In pictures: Remembering Genghis Khan

Mongolian state guards in official dress march across Sukhbataar Square in the capital, Ulan Bator

Celebrations have begun in Mongolia to mark the 800th anniversary of Genghis Khan's establishment of the Mongol Empire.

Mongolian soldiers in traditional outfits prepare to re-enact the triumphs of Genghis Khan

One of the most successful warriors of all time, Genghis Khan united warring Mongol armies in 1206 before conquering much of Central Asia, and even China.

Mongolian soldier rests by his horse as he prepares to re-enact a battle

In the rolling Mongolian grasslands, soldiers and actors are marking the occasion by performing lavish re-enactments of their hero's greatest battles.

Soldiers re-enact a Mongolian battle charge

In battle, Genghis Khan's armies earned a reputation as fierce, ruthless fighters, and often shocked lumbering opponents with the speed of their attacks.

Crowds in front of a vast statue of Genghis Khan in Ulan Bator

Despite a fearsome reputation worldwide, Khan is revered by most Mongolians, who have flocked into Ulan Bator for the celebrations and to visit new statues of their hero.

Mongolian men play ankle bone shooting

Elsewhere, Mongolians try out traditional pursuits and games, such as archery or ankle bone shooting, made popular during the days of empire.

Soldiers re-enact battle scenes

Between 1206 and 1228, Genghis Khan's armies beat a series of rebellious tribes and foreign powers, establishing the Mongols as the pre-eminent power in the east.

Mongol soldiers struggles with his Genghis Khan-era costume

Despite his popularity in Mongolia, in many of the lands that fell victim to his armies - such as Persia or China - Genghis Khan and his armies are viewed as destructive barbarians.

Soldiers share a joke on a mobile phone while wearing traditional Mongol costumes

But despite the vast changes in Mongolian life in 800 years, villages, towns and cities across the country are expected to honour Genghis Khan over the next three days.

Mongolians honour Genghis Khan
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