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Last Updated: Wednesday, 22 March 2006, 16:22 GMT
Eta in pictures

ETA announcing its ceasefire in March 2006

The Basque separatist group Eta has announced a permanent end to its violent campaign for independence, which has lasted for nearly four decades.

Flames rise after a car bomb explodes in central Madrid, October 30, 2000

During the campaign, Eta has killed more than 800 people. They include Supreme Court magistrate Jose Francisco Querol, killed in a car bomb in October 2000.

Spanish policemen clear bomb debris in December 1973

Eta's first deadly attack was in 1968. Five years later it launched this bombing, killing Spanish Prime Minister Luis Carrero Blanco.

Eta members in 1973

Nine days later hooded men appeared at a secret press conference in southern France, to claim the attack for Eta.

Aftermath of Eta attack, 2000

Car bombing remained a favourite tactic, often targeting police, the military, judges and politicians. This one killed Lt Col Pedro Antonio Blanco Garcia in Madrid in January 2000.

Aftermath of a car explosion in Spain

Sometimes the method backfired. This car exploded as it was travelling along a road in Bilbao. Police think the three dead passengers were members of Eta.

Spaniards demonstrate against Eta, January 2000

The attacks alienated many Spaniards. Hundreds of thousands marched in Madrid in January 2000 to show their disgust at Eta's violence.

An old Basque passes by ETA graffiti in a street of Pasaia village

However, Basque separatists continued to draw strong support in their heartland, with Basques overwhelmingly voting for autonomy in 1979.

An Eta supporter raises a fist

It is thought a crackdown by French and Spanish police, as well as general revulsion at the Islamist bombing of Madrid in 2004, combined to make Eta's campaign untenable.


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