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Last Updated: Saturday, 18 March 2006, 19:23 GMT
In pictures: Milosevic funeral

Mourners outside the federal parliament in Belgrade

A large crowd turned up outside parliament in Belgrade to see off Slobodan Milosevic's coffin.

Mourner outside the federal parliament in Belgrade

Grief-wracked faces could be seen in the crowd where many viewed the war crimes suspect as a national hero.

Mourners carry Slobodan Milosevic's coffin in Belgrade

After the eulogy, Mr Milosevic's coffin began the journey to its grave in his home town.

Workers prepare site where coffin will be displayed in Pozarevac

Work was under way in Pozarevac to erect a platform for the ceremony preceding the funeral.

Mourners get on bus in Pale, Bosnia, to attend funeral

Bosnian Serbs, like these in the town of Pale, headed to Pozarevac by bus.

Mourners in Pozarevac wear "Serbian Hero" tee-shirts

Mourners in the town wore T-shirts displaying their loyalty.

Mourners watch the coffin pass by in Pozarevac

People lining the streets wept as the coffin passed by.

Girl in military uniform kisses Mr Milosevic's tombstone

After the ex-president was finally laid to rest in his old garden, children were among those to pay their last respects.

Mourner lights candle for Slobodan Milosevic in Srebrenica, Bosnia

Bosnian Serbs in Srebrenica, scene of the biggest massacre of the Balkan wars, also paid tribute to Mr Milosevic.

Balloons are released in Belgrade

It was a different atmosphere at one rally in Belgrade, as opponents of Mr Milosevic gathered to mark their disapproval of their ex-leader.

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