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Last Updated: Saturday, 18 March 2006, 15:59 GMT
In pictures: Iraq three years on

Corbin near helicopter

Panorama reporter Jane Corbin travels to Iraq to see how the British forces are operating three years after the invasion.

Soldier keep watch from a Basra base

There are 8,000 UK forces still in Iraq. The British entered Basra in April 2003 and are still a presence there today.

A British helicopter flies across marshes in southern Iraq

The priority for British forces is the gradual handover of security to the Iraqi police and army.

View from helicopter

Helicopters are a vital means of transport. They are used to ferry servicemen over unsafe roads below.

View of Iraq landscape from helicopter

Although southern Iraq is relatively peaceful compared to the rest of the country, the British often come under attack.

Tank engineers

It is a full-time job keeping the army's vehicles roadworthy because of constant patrolling, sand and dust.

Basra airfield

Arriving and leaving al-Amara, in Maysan province, is a complicated process carried out under armed guard.

Passengers waiting to board a Hercules plane

Passengers waiting to board a Hercules have to crouch by armoured vehicles, before being given the go-ahead to run on to the plane for immediate take off.

Soldiers on board a helicopter

The question now is how long it will be before Iraqi security forces are ready to take over from the British.

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