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Last Updated: Thursday, 21 July 2005, 13:53 GMT 14:53 UK
Your pictures: London alert
Photo: Simon Atterbury
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BBC News website readers have sent in their pictures of transport alerts around London. Simon Atterbury was turned away from the Northern Line and took this photo of cordons near Warren Street Station.
Photo: Jon Lucas
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Jon Lucas saw firefighters in Bethnal Green preparing for action after the Number 26 bus blast.
Photo: Nathan Gallagher
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Nathan Gallagher took a photo of firefighters wearing chemical suits near the Number 26 bus blast in Bethnal Green.
Photo: Simon Heys
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Simon Heys has been told to stay inside his office on Kingsland Road until further notice after the blast on the Number 26 bus.
Bystanders Photo: Leo Andrews
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Leo Andrews took this photo of Warren St soon after it was evacuated.
Photo: James Ball
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James Ball watched as people ducked under police cordons at Warren Street.
Shepherd's Bush station
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At Shepherd's Bush a train remained stationary after the station was evacuated.
Photo: John Stevens
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A police cordon was moved up Uxbridge Road, Shepherd's Bush, and shops were closed following the evacuation.
Photo: Trystan Young
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An eyewitness at Oval station said there had been a small bang on the train, and a man had then run off when the Tube reached the station.
Photo: Josef Dunne
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Josef Dunne said after the alerts, all the electronic shops on Tottenham Court Road tuned their televisions to the news.
Photo: David Atkinson
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David Atkinson took photos of the media gathering outside University College Hospital, near Warren Street Station.
Photo: Kitty Lapka
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Kitty Lapka works opposite University College Hospital, where a large area was cordoned off after an incident.


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