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Last Updated: Wednesday, 21 December 2005, 17:22 GMT
In pictures: New York City strike

Commuters walk over the Brooklyn Bridge

The strike, the first by NYC transport workers in 25 years, meant that many faced a long walk in the cold for the second day.

Manhattan-bound traffic on the Triborough Bridge is at a standstill

The strike - that began on Tuesday - has virtually paralysed some parts of the city.

People wait to board Long Island Railroad trains into Manhattan from the Queens

For many, the only alternative to get into central New York was to wait in long queues to board a train.

A motorist angrily confronts a police officer

There have been angry stand-offs between motorists and police, who allow only vehicles with four or more occupants into some parts of the city.

Policeman putting up closed sign

Subways and bus services shuddered to a halt on Tuesday as workers walked out over demands for pay rises and benefits.

Transport Workers Union delegate Roger Toussaint

Roger Toussaint, of the Transport Workers Union, announced the strike after talks between workers and city officials.

Closed Subway station at 72nd Street

More than seven million people use the bus and underground system each day.

Subway station at Times Square

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has said the strike could cost up to $400m (227m) a day.

Strike halts New York transport
20 Dec 05 |  Americas

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