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Last Updated: Sunday, 18 December 2005, 23:08 GMT
In pictures: Bolivians elect leader

Bolivians cast votes in Ajllata, north of La Paz

Bolivians have cast their votes in presidential elections, which is seen as a straight fight between the two main candidates.

Presidential candidate Evo Morales holds a coca branch as he prepares to vote

The left-wing indigenous front-runner, Evo Morales, has vowed to legalise the growing of coca, the raw material for cocaine, describing himself as the "nightmare" for the US.

Presidential hopeful Jorge Quiroga casts his vote

His main rival, is Jorge Quiroga, a former president who has an image of a free-marketeer.

Bolivians queue at a polling station

Long queues have been reported at some polling station across the country - South America's poorest.

Evo Morales' supporter holds the Bolivian indigenous Indian flag as he rides a cow

Some voters have put up a colourful display on the day when they were also electing lawmakers and regional governors.

 a polling station to vote

...while some had to walk for miles to cast their ballots.


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