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Last Updated: Monday, 28 November 2005, 11:38 GMT
In pictures: Spoof signs

Clear your conscience switch (out of order)

A new book, Signs of Life, by Dave Askwith and Alex Normanton, features spoof signs which lampoon officious notices and labels that inform and instruct.

In case of train delay please snap stress twig

Advertising executive Dave Askwith took inspiration from his daily commute from Brighton to London. "It was mundane - my fault for sitting in the same seat, staring at the same signs."

Banana skin, labelled Complies with European safety standards

For his own entertainment - and sanity - he devised personal variations on the signs and labels that are part of daily life.

Elton John wig rotation control

"That's when Alex came in - he does typography and offered to make them look proper," says Mr Askwith.

Pull lever to pour gravy on sausages located in driver's compartment

Their first effort aimed to shed light on a mysterious lever on a slam-door train.

National Trust style sign, Disappointing ruin

At first glance, the signs appear official...

Click heels three times before pressing button

... but on closer inspection are fanciful nonsense.

Warning sign

"It started as a hobby - I wanted to see how long they'd stay up," says Mr Askwith.

Emergency travel companion

"Some lasted several weeks before being nicked, or taken down by disgruntled staff."

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