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Last Updated: Tuesday, 22 November 2005, 11:58 GMT
In pictures: Kenyan referendum

Kenyan supporters

"No" supporters have been celebrating their victory in Kenya's referendum on a new draft constitution.

Marching in the capital, Nairobi, they chanted "No, No, No". Some wore orange and waved the fruit in the air, which was a symbol for the "No" camp.

The turnout on Monday was strong. Tensions have run high for years over the drafting of the first new constitution since independence - dividing the ruling alliance and cabinet.

Mwai Kibaki

President Mwai Kibaki staked considerable authority on the vote. Kenya could now see a realignment in politics and he risks being viewed as a lame duck leader.

Powerful minister Raila Odinga campaigned against the constitution - angry that the new prime ministerial role he was promised was watered down late in the day.

Also included in the constitution were moves to give women more rights - for example to inherit property for the first time.

The new constitution would also have banned foreigners from owning land and individuals from distributing it. Some Maasai activists feared nomads will lose out.

The campaign itself has seen nine deaths. Those in favour used the symbol of a banana. Splits in the ruling party alliance now look inevitable ahead of elections in 2007.

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