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Last Updated: Thursday, 7 April, 2005, 13:59 GMT 14:59 UK
In pictures: Last glimpse of Pope
Pilgrims queuing in St Peter's
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Mourners hoping to see Pope John Paul's body on the final day of public viewing faced a long night of waiting.
Pilgrims in St Peter's Square
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In the darkness, they continued to crowd into St Peter's Square.
Pilgrims in St Peter's
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Once inside the great basilica, there was more waiting as the crowds queued to view the Pope's body.
Pilgrims wake in St Peter's Square
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But by dawn, St Peter's Square was empty - the Italian authorities had closed the queue to ease congestion.
Pilgrims plead with police in Rome
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Disappointed pilgrims tried to plead with the police to be allowed into the basilica.
Pilgrims sleeping in the street
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Rome's authorities say they cannot cope with any more pilgrims. Across the city, people are sleeping in the streets.
Litter sweepers in Rome
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Keeping the streets clean is proving a difficult task.
Nuns sit in wheelchairs waiting
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Nuns trained as medics are on hand to help in the event of any emergencies.
TV crews in Rome
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Joining the estimated four million pilgrims are at least 3,500 members of the world's media.
Police check a drain in Rome
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With more than 200 world leaders flying in for Friday's funeral, security is the highest priority.
Helicopter gunship above St Peter's
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The tight security measures are evident in the skies above the Vatican.


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