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Last Updated: Tuesday, 1 November 2005, 11:02 GMT
In pictures: Zanzibar violence

Police firing tear gas

There have been clashes between Zanzibar's police and opposition supporters for a third day in the historic Stone Town.

Man engulfed in teargas

Opposition CUF supporters have been engulfed in tear gas around their party headquarters.

Soldiers beating a suspected opposition supporter

The authorities said the opposition should wait for official results before celebrating victory in Sunday's poll.

Man carrying a suitcase on his head

Some residents have started to leave.

Policemen running through the Stone Town

On Monday, the police searched for opposition supporters in the famous Stone Town on Tanzania's semi-autonomous islands.

Man suspected of voting illegally being chased

The opposition CUF also claim electoral fraud - this man was accused of voting illegally.

Man under arrest

The violence was not one-sided - this man was accused of illegal possession of a knife...

Injured policeman

... and this policeman was injured in the clashes.

Man praying in hospital

Zanzibar is fervently Muslim. This man found time to pray despite being beaten by ruling party militias.

Woman casting her vote

Nevertheless, the violence was not as serious as had been feared before polling day.

Queue of women waiting to vote

Unperturbed, long queues of people waited to cast their votes.


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