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Last Updated: Thursday, 17 March 2005, 00:08 GMT
A month through my eyes in India...

Children standing by a wall

Bhenswara: Richard Chapman sent us his pictures from a recent trip to Rajasthan, India. The little girl in the blue was trying to push her friend away so that she could be photographed by herself.

Security guard at the Red Fort, Delhi.

Security was routine at the Red Fort, Delhi. An attack on the fort in December 2000 killed three people.

Boy burning coat in street

As dusk set in, a boy burnt a coat for some warmth and a sale of garlic took place right next to the noise and choking fumes of nearby traffic.

Woman carrying pot on her head

Bhenswara: Village women work hard and carry all sorts of loads on their heads. Colourful saris were a beautiful contrast to the dusty surroundings.

Man rowing a boat

Dawn on the Ganges, Varanasi: The river is regarded by many Indians to be the River of Life.

Street within the Jaisalmer Fort

Jaisalmer: The streets within the Jaisalmer Fort were clean and peaceful. It was not unusual to wander around a corner and have a sacred cow walk right past us.

Two men playing chess

Bundi: Despite long working hours, there always seemed to be time for a game of chess or a conversation.

Girl washing clothes

Bhenswara: A girl washes her clothes at the village water tank. Behind her, on the walls of the tank, were symbols of the swastika, the second most sacred Hindu symbol.

Men bathing

Dawn on the Ganges, Varanasi: Despite the high levels of pollution, many Indians consider it to be very spiritual to bathe in and drink the water from the Ganges.

Great Egret taking off

Great Egret, Keoladeo Ghana National Park, Bharatpur: Not just a bird sanctuary, but a sanctuary for us from the massive assault on our senses from noise, smells and people.

Three men at the Taj Mahal, Agra

Taj Mahal, Agra: Despite being clothed from head to toe and accompanied by a male companion, Western women should be prepared for the unflinching and unabashed staring from local men.

Old man walking along dusty track

Bhenswara: As we left one village a man, his face weathered by the harsh conditions, looked up briefly at my camera before carrying on his way.

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