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Last Updated: Monday, 14 March 2005, 17:46 GMT
View of a schizophrenic

Photo of three Sherpa children with smiling faces

Mr Baker Brown came across these three Sherpa children at 3,800m above sea level. "I just indicated with my hands that they should get into a group and they did the rest."

Photo of Everest at Sunset in vivid oranges and yellows

To capture Everest at sunset, Mr Baker Brown used a red filter to accentuate the colours and give the mountain a fiery quality. He learnt to use his digital camera by trial and error.

Photo of mountains in the clouds, predominant colour is blue

Another of Mr Baker Brown's experiments, this time with a blue filter. "When you're in the mountains there seems to be a blueness in the clouds and I intentionally made it more blue."

Photo of a young boy in front of a Buddhist shrine

"I saw this lovely-looking young child in a monastery in Kathmandu," said Mr Baker Brown. "It seems to capture what I feel about Buddhism - peace, serenity and gentleness."

Photo of a Buddhist monk in orange robes with his begging bowl

One of a number of portraits of Buddhist monks. This one was sitting in the street in Kathmandu waiting for passers-by to provide him with his day's food.

Photo of Sherpa guide, Nuru holding a football scarf against a mountain backdrop

Mr Baker Brown is a West Ham fan, but asked his guide, Nuru, to show support for his local team in Dorset. His next trip will be to Everest's north face later this year.

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