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Last Updated: Tuesday, 1 March, 2005, 15:15 GMT
Prince Charles on tour Down Under
Prince Charles is greeted by state governor John Sanderson
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Prince Charles began his five-day tour to five Australian cities in Western Australia's state capital.
Prince Charles smiles at the Royal Perth Hospital
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In a speech at the Royal Perth Hospital he said he was happy to be back in "good old Perth".
Prince Charles and Melinda Kemp in the rehabilitation room
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He met staff who used pioneering techniques to treat victims of the Bali bomb, and the patients they cared for, including Melinda Kemp.
Prince Charles is greeted by a crowd outside the West Australian Maritime Museum
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About 200 people turned out to see the Prince - some offering congratulations on his recent engagement.
Prince Charles is hugged and kissed by Esperance Vanderham
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Well-wisher Esperance Vanderham had a warmer welcome, reminiscent of the 1979 visit when he was pounced on by a bikini-clad model on a beach.
Police arrest a protester outside the Western Australian Maritime Museum
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But the visit has also fuelled republican arguments for an Australian head of state to replace the Queen.
Prince Charles with workers
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The prince was shown a Western Australian rock lobster during his visit of the Lobster Australia company's site...
Prince Charles gestures towards photographers during his visit to the Lobster Australia company
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But asked by the press pack to "hold the lobster up higher for the cameras", he warned there were limits.
Prince of Wales sees a giant stuffed fish at the Maritime Museum at Freemantle Harbour
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Prince Charles studies a giant stuffed fish at the Maritime Museum at Freemantle Harbour.
A panel van at the Western Australian Maritime Museum
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At the Maritime Museum, he came face to face with an Australian cultural icon - the surfers' panel van.
Prince Charles inspects a sheep at the Dryland Salinity Centre of the University of Western Australia
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Prince Charles visits the outback town of Alice Springs next, followed by Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra. He then leaves Australia for New Zealand and Fiji.


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