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Last Updated: Wednesday, 2 March 2005, 09:10 GMT
BlindArt: The highlights

Photo of a black and a white sphere with another fragment of sphere above each one.

Two Worlds by Catalina Montesinos Brooker consists of two small globes in contrasting colours. Each one has a fragment of ceramic on top of it, inside of which is a small figure.

Photo of abstract artwork depicting marine colours, blues and greens contrasted with black gloss.

The Deep by Lyn Lemont Webb is made from layers of translucent colours in oil, resin and gloss. She describes it as "a tactile abstraction of movement under the sea".

Photo of a ceramic bowl containing variously coloured ceramic shapes in brown, terracotta, cream and white.

Jon Williams' Large Bowl of Strange Fruit is a receptacle containing a series of mini sculptures. They can be picked up and make a variety of noises when shaken.

Photo of an oil painting of the Hindu god Ganesha with the head of an elephant.

Ganesha is a representation of the Hindu god who brings prosperity, peace and removes obstacles. The artist, Peter Flowers, used layers of paint in the bold colours of India.

Painting of a man wearing a brimmed hat and glasses with the moon behind him.

Self Portrait with Moon by artist Norman Long shows him with one eye screwed up. He has had a detached retina and often closes his 'good' eye to check the other one is still working.

Dribbled painting of coloured stripes of red, white and blue

Nicky Neate used gloss paint on canvas for her work, Pin Stripes. The lines of colour have a knobbly texture and were made by dribbling paint over the surface.

Picture of light reflections on the river Thames.

Jon Pryke used pastels for River Light, his picture of the Thames by London Bridge. A dark line at the top represents the river wall on the far bank.

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