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Last Updated: Monday, 24 January, 2005, 14:26 GMT
Your pictures of misery
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Research has shown that Monday 24 January is the worst day of the year, we want you to send us your photos that sum up your mood. Here is a selection of those we have received so far, this one was taken in Toronto by Meghan Smith.
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Tom Taylor sent this of the Clayton Recreational Ground, Sussex. Feeling lonely?
Joseph Cormack
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Allan Cormack sent in this of Joseph, he's having a really bad day.
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Worryingly Sarah Capogrossi says "When the winter blues hits me, I take it out on some of my closest colleagues. I suspect I shall stay at home."
Snow scene
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Anne Walker has spent her day shovelling snow in Cape Breton, Canada.
Jayne Lutwyche
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Jayne Lutwyche sent this, no words required.
Pelin Hanley
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Pelin Hanley: "Add January Day Blues Formula, a stinking cold and the list is complete! ... Am I going to get better?"
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It's not all gloom though, Alice Ewart is celebrating her wedding anniversary having married on the 24 January last year.
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Steve Myland agrees, "Misery - I think not. I have no problems with Mondays in January. This is where I was last year and will be this year."
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It must be the blue skies. In the US Paul Riche sent this, "Misery? Not in Arizona, mate!" If you'd like to send us a picture that captures your mood send it to

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