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Last Updated: Thursday, 20 January, 2005, 08:37 GMT
In pictures: Rebuilding southern Sudan
Rumbek children
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Since a historic peace deal was signed to end the 21-year civil war, the dusty town of Rumbek has been getting ready to serve as the interim capital for southern Sudan.
Police with children
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A new police force is going through manoeuvres ahead of the expected visit later this week of John Garang, leader of the former southern rebels.
Fixing Rumbek roads
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There is no tarmac on any of Rumbek's roads or even on the airport runway so only rudimentary repairs are possible.
Boy fetching water
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In the town of about 100,000, houses are in ruins and running water and electricity are scarce.
Rumbek hospital
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Rumbek hospital has one doctor and few staff. A huge rebuilding effort is needed.
Returnees in Rumbek
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The UN fears they would be unable to cope if the trickle of displaced people returning to their homes in southern Sudan becomes a flood.
UN envoy Jan Pronk is in Rumbek
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UN envoy Jan Pronk is in Rumbek to negotiate the deployment of a 10,000 strong peacekeeping force.
Ex SPLA child soldiers.
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Literacy levels are low. Former child soldiers are attending this primary school. The former rebel SPLA says it has began demobilizing them.
SPLA soldiers
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But after such a long war there are hundreds of landmines and many soldiers and weapons across the south.
Rumbek street
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Southern Sudan is one of the poorest places on earth with almost no infrastructure. The task of developing the area is huge, but hopes are high that oil wealth and international donors will help transform the area.


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