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Last Updated: Monday, 22 August 2005, 16:33 GMT 17:33 UK
Portugal fires: Readers' pics
A fire breaking out near Covelos, Portugal.
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Portugal has been severely affected by raging wildfires. BBC News website readers sent their pictures of the blazes. Kate Stephenson captured one of the fires near Covelos, a small village outside Coimbra.
Covelos fire
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She described her reaction as the fire spread and the aftermath. "We started packing our bags at this stage," she said.
Covelos fire
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"We could now hear the roar of the flames and feel the heat."
Covelos fire
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"This is the last photo before we started to get ready to leave."
Covelos the morning after
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"Covelos the morning after."
Covelos aftermath
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"The hill behind our house. Initially, we didn't even know this was on fire until one of the villagers risked their own life by screaming at us to leave."
Covelos aftermath
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"The now blackened and barren hills around our village."
Coimbra fires
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Pedro Santos Vizeu sent pictures of fires in Coimbra, taken at night.
Coimbra fires
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"You can see in the foreground part of the city centre and in the background the fires devastating the hills that surround the city," he said.
Coimbra fires
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The ancient city of Coimbra remains threatened by about a dozen fires.
Coimbra fires
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Efforts to extinguish the wildfires are being hampered by high temperatures and dry weather.
Coimbra fires
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"This picture shows the smoke that has immersed the city," Mr Santos Vizeu said. If you have any pictures of the fires you can send them to

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