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Last Updated: Saturday, 20 August 2005, 22:59 GMT 23:59 UK
In pictures: Pope's visit to Germany

Pope Benedict XVI

Benedict XVI has returned to his native Germany for his first major foreign trip since being elected pope in April.

A pilgrim in front of a Pope Benedict XVI poster

He is in Cologne to honour a vow made by John Paul II to attend the Catholic World Youth Festival.

Pilgrims dance outside Cologne cathedral

Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims are in the city for the week-long festival.

The Pope and German President Horst Koehler at Villa Hammerschmidt

The Pope visited German President Horst Koehler at the presidential residence in the former German capital, Bonn.

Eva and Horst Koehler watch the Pope sign the book

The president's wife, Eva, looked on as the pontiff signed the villa's visitor guest book, known as the 'golden book'.

Pope Benedict is greeted by Cologne's Rabbi Netanel Teitelbaum

Then Benedict XVI became only the second Pope in history to enter a Jewish place of worship, as he joined Jewish leaders at Cologne's main synagogue.

Pope Benedict XVI giving speech

There he made a speech denouncing the Holocaust and warning against the threat of new anti-Semitism.

A boy wearing a commemorative skullcap

Souvenir merchants were on hand to offer mementos of the historic occasion.

Pope Benedict XVI meets Muslim delegates in Cologne

Pope Benedict has also used his trip to meet Germany's Muslim leaders in Cologne.

Pilgrim at vigil near Cologne

And he reached out to 700,000 pilgrims at an open-air prayer vigil at a park outside the city.

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