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Last Updated: Monday, 15 August 2005, 13:02 GMT 14:02 UK
In pictures: VJ day in Asia
Japanese Emperor Akihito (R) and Empress Michiko (L) bow to an altar during a government-sponsored memorial  - 15/8/05
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Japan's Emperor Akihito has led his country's official ceremonies to mark the 60th anniversary of Tokyo's surrender in World War II.
Japanese war bereaved, holding a chrysanthemum, wait in a queue at ceremony in Tokyo - 15/8/05
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Japanese who lost relatives during the war offered their prayers for peace.
A Japanese army veteran, right, dressed in military uniform, leaves the Yasukuni shrine  - 15/8/05
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At a controversial war shrine, some veterans dressed in their old uniforms to honour dead comrades.
Chinese veterans hold flowers during a memorial ceremony in Chengdu - 15/8/05
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In the countries which Japan invaded, people who fought in the war were at the centre of commemorations.
Buddhist priests from all over China in Beijing - 15/8/05
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Chinese Buddhist monks gathered in Beijing to offer prayers for the dead. China suffered some of the worst Japanese atrocities.
South Korean relatives of victims of Japan's wartime rule shout slogans during a rally  in Seoul - 15/8/05
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There were anti-Japanese protests in South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Australian World War II veteran Cyril Gilbert with a small group of Australian and New Zealand veterans , Singapore - 15/8/05
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For veterans and former prisoners of war, such as this man from Australia, it was a chance to remember.


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