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Last Updated: Wednesday, 22 December 2004, 11:22 GMT
In pictures: Indigenous lives
Awa hunter, Brazil. Copyright: Survival International
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The UN's decade of the world's indigenous people ended this month. There are an estimated 250 million indigenous people in the world, in more than 70 countries.
Yanonami shaman, Brazil. Copyright: Survival International
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Thousands of Yanomami live in the rainforests of Brazil. The area was protected from development after a long campaign, but the government does not recognise their claim to the land.
Woman grinding melon seeds for soup in the central Kalahari game reserve in Botswana. Copyright: Survival International
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The "Bushmen" are the oldest inhabitants of southern Africa, where they have lived for at least 20,000 years. In Botswana, they are campaigning to regain access to the land after being evicted by the government.
Matis woman cooking tapir, Rio Itui, Vale do Javari, Brazil. Copyright: Survival International
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Only a few hundred Matis people still live in Brazil, where they are renowned for avoiding contact with other communities.
Khanty child in Siberia. Copyright: Survival International
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The Khanty are semi-nomadic reindeer-herders in western Siberia, and one of the region's 30 different tribal groups.
Asmat men, Papua, Indonesia. Copyright: Jeanne Herbert
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There are more than two million indigenous people in Papua, Indonesia, spread among 312 tribes. The 60,000 Asmat have gained international recognition for their artwork.
Penan child, Sarawak, Malaysia. Copyright: Robin Hanbury-Tenison/Survival International
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Few of the 10,000 Penan, in Sarawak, Malaysia, are nomadic but they still rely on the forest for food and shelter.
Copyright: Survival International
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The Innu of Labrador, Canada, were nomadic hunters, but now live in communities with some of the highest suicide rates in the world.


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