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Last Updated: Monday, 28 June, 2004, 15:52 GMT 16:52 UK
In pictures: Watch me grow
Eight weeks gestation, 40mm from crown to rump.
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At eight weeks gestation, this foetus is able to kick and straighten his legs, turn them round and move his arms up and down.
10 weeks gestation, 60mm from crown to rump.
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At ten weeks gestation, this foetus can move her arms and legs with a range of movements that are fluid and supple.
22 weeks gestation, 21 cm from crown to rump.
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At 22 weeks gestation babies are capable of fine hand and finger movements. In a short space of time this baby scratches, rubs and pats his cheek before doing the same to his nose.
10 weeks gestation, 6cm from crown to rump.
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This foetus exhibits behaviour identical to what he will do after birth,. If he's held upright on a flat surface he will try and move forward.
15 weeks gestation, 11cm crown to rump
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This baby's brain has developed sufficiently to enable him apparently to sense the other parts of his body. He can bring his fingertips together so they touch.
27 weeks gestation. 24cm crown to rump.
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From about 24 weeks of pregnancy when retinal development is complete, babies open and close their eyes intermittently. This helps a baby to perfect the blinking reflex, which will protect his eyes once he's born.
28 weeks gestation. 28cm from crown to rump.
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Although grasping begins early it becomes better established during the last trimester. Babies grasp hands, feet, fingers, toes and, most commonly, their umbilical cords.
34 weeks gestation. 34cm from crown to rump.
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While newborns do not smile until 4-6 weeks after birth, babies in the uterus do. Maybe because the uterus is warm, comfortable, and shielded from loud noise and bright light.
26 weeks gestation. 23cm from crown to rump.
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Foetuses as young as 11 weeks have been seen with their thumbs in their mouths. This baby started out sucking his smallest toes and gradually moves on to suck a bigger and better toe.
29 weeks gestation. 28cm from crown to rump.
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Babies produce a motion approximating to yawning from as early as 12 weeks' pregnancy. Maybe this is nature's way of ensuring that as soon as she enters the world, she'll be able to take her first breath.



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