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Last Updated: Tuesday, 18 May, 2004, 07:21 GMT 08:21 UK
In pictures: Fighting for Sudan
SLA fighters (Pic: Julie Flint)
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The Sudan Liberation Army (SLA) took up arms against the government last year, accusing it of ignoring the Darfur region.
SLA rebel in burnt-out village (Pic: Julie Flint)
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The government responded with massive force - and has been accused of "ethnic cleansing". Some one million people have fled Darfur and 10,000 have been killed.
SLA fighters (Pic: Julie Flint)
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The SLA are mostly black Africans - these are from the Massaleit community.
Khamis Ahmad Osman (Pic: Julie Flint)
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Khamis Ahmad Osman joined the SLA after government forces destroyed his village, killing 21 people including his brother.
JEM rebels
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A second rebel group - the Justice and Equality Movement - also claims to be fighting for the rights of Darfur residents.
Janjaweed fighter
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The Arab "Janjaweed" militia have been clashing with black Africans over land for many years - now the government is accused of arming the Janjaweed.
Janjaweed militia
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The government denies backing the Arab militia. Refugees say their villages are first bombed by government planes, then the militia ride in on horses and camels, killing, raping and looting.
Burnt-out village (Pic: Julie Flint)
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As ever, civilians bear the brunt of the fighting. A ceasefire has been signed but both sides accuse the other of violations.

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