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Last Updated: Wednesday, 5 May, 2004, 18:16 GMT 19:16 UK
In pictures: Abu Ghraib
A US soldier inside the prison of Abu Ghraib, outside Baghdad, on Wednesday
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US military authorities invited journalists inside Abu Ghraib prison - where Iraqi prisoners previously suffered abuse at the hands of US soldiers.
Major General Geoffrey Miller talks to journalists at Abu Ghraib
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The coalition says changes have been made since the abuses happened - and Major General Geoffrey Miller, the new Iraq prisons chief, apologised to Iraqis.
Handout photo from US military shows soldier working on the construction of a dental clinic inside Abu Ghraib
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Journalists were told filming or speaking to inmates would violate the Geneva Convention. Instead, the military handed out pictures of improvements taking place at the jail - like the construction of this dental clinic.
Handout photo from US military showing operating theatre inside Abu Ghraib
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A photograph of the operating theatre was also handed out...
Handout photo from US military shows tents of detainees
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... along with this shot, of the tented compound in which inmates live at the centre of the prison complex.
US Army soldier leaves interrogation room inside Abu Ghraib
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Journalists were shown an interrogation room at the jail, but were not allowed to watch an actual interrogation taking place.
Iraqis demonstrate at abuses inside Abu Ghraib
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Meanwhile, an angry crowd of about 2,000 gathered outside the prison, waving the old Iraqi flag and chanting anti-US slogans.
Iraqis demonstrate at abuses inside Abu Ghraib
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Their signs read: "You give a bad impression about America and Christians" and "Democracy is not to force peoples to follow USA."

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