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Last Updated: Tuesday, 7 September, 2004, 00:01 GMT 01:01 UK
In pictures: Hostage town funerals
Volunteers dig graves in Beslan
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Local people helped dig graves in a field set aside for Beslan's victims.
Men carrying coffin
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More than 170 victims were being buried by their relatives on Monday.
Relatives of a victim of the school hostage siege mourn at a cemetery in Beslan
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The elderly have found themselves outliving their grandchildren.
Burial of Tetova sisters in Beslan
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Alina and Irina Tetova, aged 12 and 13, were buried on what should have been their first weekend after re-starting school.
Unidentified relative of Alina Khubetseva, 11
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Many people carried pictures of loved ones to the burials.
Fedosya Beroyeva, grandmother of 10-year old twins, Soslan (right) and Aslan, cries holding their portraits as their mother Zalina (left)looks at Aslan's body during the twins' funeral
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Among the many child victims of the violent stand-off were 10-year-old twins - Soslan and Aslan Beroyev.
Woman in tears
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No-one in the town of about 30,000 has been unaffected by the violent end to the school siege.
Two girls hug while they stand at the destroyed school gym in Beslan
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When troops withdrew, relatives of the victims came to see where their loved ones had perished.
Child laying flowers at school
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Some brought flowers to the school gymnasium, where hundreds were held captive before the bloody end to the siege.
Flag at half-staff
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The Russian flag was flying at half-mast over the Kremlin on the first of two days of national mourning.
Woman lays flowers in front of the Moscow representative office of North Ossetia region
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In Moscow people laid flowers and toys in memory of the victims.
A Russian Orthodox nun lights a candle for the victims of the Beslan massacre
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The Russian Orthodox Church asked that a special Mass be held in every church across the country.
Blood donors in Moscow
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Ordinary Russians have responded to an appeal for blood donations.

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