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Last Updated: Friday, 26 March, 2004, 18:38 GMT
In pictures: Life in northern Guinea
Village of Dande Toling
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Life can be hard in Guinea's Fouta Djalon region and many of the men there refuse to stay. Some fear that soon there will be only women and children left.
Children in Dande Toling
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Many of the children in the local villages grow up without their fathers, who have gone abroad to seek their fortune.
Women washing clothes in the river
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The women have very tough lives and are often left behind to look after the old and the young.
Oury Diallo and Djindhini Kante - both married to Billy's cousin
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Oury and Djindhini have not heard from their husband since he went abroad three months ago.
Mansion being built
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Some of those who have left are having huge mansions built, even in remote villages of Fouta Djalon.
Mosque in Timbi Madana
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Emigrants have also sent back money to build a mosque in the town of Timbi Madana.
Cattle farmer
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Many farmers in Fouta Djalon measure their wealth by the number of cattle they own.
Woman working the land
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The soil is extremely fertile. Potatoes are the main cash crop - one kilogram of potatoes costs more than one kilogram of mangoes.
Loaded vehicle in Dande Toling
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Despite the money migrants are sending back, access to most villages remains difficult and dangerous.
Girls on bicycles
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These girls have to cycle 5km to school every morning.


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