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Last Updated: Sunday, 1 August, 2004, 15:49 GMT 16:49 UK
In Pictures: Saudi Arabian Day
Prince Turki Al Faisal talking to guests at 'Saudi Arabian Day - A Summer Celebration' held in Syon Park, Brentford
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In a bid to improve Saudi Arabia's public image, the Saudi ambassador to the UK Prince Turki Al Faisal organised a Saudi extravaganza in Brentford, south-west London.
Sally Hanford (left) and Anne McIntyre are served tea in a traditional Bedouin tent
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The Saudis wanted to display their history, art and hospitality - Saudi Arabia is not just about "oil and rich sheiks," Prince Turki told BBC News Online.
Some of the many people who attended the event watching films on Saudi heritage in a  Bedouin tent
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Films about Saudi culture were shown in a Bedouin tent erected in Syon Park, which is part of the Duke of Northumberland's estate.
A Bedouin basket maker, who was one of many of the artisans at the event
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Bedouins demonstrated their craft skills - many have never been out of Saudi Arabia before.
Saudi artisans demonstrating rug making
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Covered female artisans showed off their crafts in a separate tent to the men.
Alan Gulliver who was visiting friends in London in front of a display of Saudi tools
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Alan Gulliver, a retired metal worker from Yorkshire, said the exhibits were "very interesting". He was impressed by the work that had gone into the Saudi tools on display.
A young boy sitting with the Saudi dance troop who gave a performance to much applause
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Outside this child made friends with a member of the male dance troupe, who were perfectly dressed for the hot weather.
A camel is paraded by a handler - a British firm specialising in handling camels was hired for the event
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There were also camel displays - the crowd was told camels milk "is just as good as Viagra".
Bob Dalton with a saker
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There were falcon trainers - falconry is the main sport of the Saudi royal family
Prince Turki doing the rounds at the event - he said the exercise had been a  success
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Prince Turki attempted to meet as many people as possible - the Saudi government is promoting the kingdom as a tourist destination.
Anny Winkfield showing her decorated hand - henna is widely used in Saudi Arabia
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Anny Winkfield tried out the henna and said the event would help promote Saudi Arabia's culture.


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