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Thursday, 14 March, 2002, 12:48 GMT
Lockerbie timeline
Inside the courtroom at Camp Zeist
Inside the courtroom at Camp Zeist
14 March 2002
The Libyan man found guilty of the Lockerbie bombing loses his appeal against the conviction.
Lockerbie bomber loses appeal

5 March 2002
The judges considering the appeal will deliver their verdict on Thursday 14 March, it is announced.
Lockerbie appeal verdict date set

14 February 2002
After 14 days, the appeal ends and the five judges retire to consider their decision. This is expected to take up to three weeks.
Appeal hearing ends

13 February 2002
A former Heathrow Airport security guard has said he found a baggage store padlock "cut like butter" the night before the Lockerbie bombing.
Appeal hears key witness

9 February 2002
The judges decide to allow new evidence from a former Heathrow security guard who reported a break-in at a baggage area hours before the bombing.
Lockerbie judges to hear new evidence

7 February 2002
An appeal court judge questions whether the bomb which brought down Pan Am Flight 103 had been loaded in Malta.
Judge questions Maltese bomb link

6 February 2002
Prosecutors reject claims that key evidence in the original trial was misinterpreted.
Lockerbie prosecutors reject claims

31 January, 2002
A break-in occured at London's Heathrow Airport 18 hours before the Lockerbie bomb exploded.
Security breach at Heathrow

30 January, 2002
The lawyer acting for the man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing asks an appeal court to consider fresh evidence.
QC plea over new Lockerbie evidence

28 January, 2002
The hearing is told that al-Megrahi was prejudiced by evidence given to the trial by a Maltese shopkeeper.
Lockerbie evidence 'unfair'

25 January, 2002
The appeal hears defence claims that a key witness in the original trial repeatedly contradicted himself.
Evidence questioned in Lockerbie appeal

24 January, 2002
Day two of the appeal sees al-Megrahi's lawyer casting doubt on the prosecution case.
Lockerbie evidence 'misunderstood'

23 January, 2002
The appeal begins with the defence saying the trial judges were wrong to return a guilty verdict.
Judges' 'miscarriage of justice'

9 January, 2002
The BBC is granted permission to televise and stream the Lockerbie appeal in a move which is hailed as an "important step" by a legal expert.
Lockerbie appeal to be screened

15 October
The date is set for the Lockerbie appeal at a preliminary hearing which is attended by many relatives of the victims of the tragedy.
Date set for Lockerbie appeal

23 August
The Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi has been granted formal leave to appeal his conviction.
Green light for Lockerbie appeal

8 August
The Libyan lawyer in charge of the Lockerbie bomber's appeal says he is confident that his client will soon be freed. Michael Mansfield QC and American human rights lawyer Alan Dershowitz join the defence team.
Lawyer confident of appeal success

29 June
The Libyan convicted of the Lockerbie bombing has failed in an attempt to stop the presiding trial judge preparing a report for his appeal hearing.
Bomber fails to halt judge's report

11 June
The grounds for appeal by the man accused of the Lockerbie bombing are lodged in the Scottish courts but the details are not made public.
Grounds for Lockerbie appeal lodged

19 March
Lawyers working on Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi's appeal are granted more time to prepare their case. A further six-week extension is then granted on 2 May.
Appeal extensions for Lockerbie bomber

7 February
As expected, Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi lodges an appeal against his conviction at the start of another lengthy legal process.
Lockerbie bomber launches appeal

31 January
The judges deliver their verdict on two Libyans accused of murdering 270 people in the Lockerbie bombing. Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi is found guilty. His co-accused Al Amin Khalifa Fhimah, is found not guilty.
Libyan guilty of bombing

30 January
The judges return to court for just one minute to say they will deliver their verdict the next day, Wednesday 31 January.
Judges announce verdict date

18 January
The judges retire to consider their verdict.
Lockerbie verdict wait begins

17 January
Edwin Bollier, whose company made the timer used in the Lockerbie bomb, is heavily criticised by counsel for one of the accused.
Lockerbie witness branded liar

16 January
The bomb which downed Pan Am Flight 103 could have been placed on board by an unwitting passenger, a defence lawyer suggests.
'Dupe' could have carried bomb'

12 January
Defence lawyers call into question security arrangements at an airport which handled the luggage containing the bomb.
Trial hears of security doubts

11 January
Judges hearing the case against two Libyans suspected of the Lockerbie bombing are told it would be "unreasonable and unsafe" to convict them.
Lockerbie case 'unproven'

10 January
Prosecutors close their case with an admission that they do not know how the bomb got onto the jumbo jet.
Lockerbie trial: Prosecution closes

9 January
Lockerbie trial prosecutors drop two charges against the accused but say they can prove 'beyond reasonable doubt' that they are guilty of murder.
Guilt of Lockerbie pair 'beyond doubt'

8 January
The Lockerbie trial could be over within weeks after lawyers for the two accused offer no further evidence.
Lockerbie defence cut short

5 December
Lawyers for one of the Libyans accused of the Lockerbie bombing begin presenting his defence at the Scottish court.
Lockerbie defence case begins

29 November
The judges reject the "no case to answer submission".
Judges throw out submission

28 November
The court begins to hear a "no case to answer" submission on behalf of one of the accused, Al-Amin Khalifa Fahima.
'No case' plea begins

20 November
An American journalist tells the trial the two accused are not guilty and he knows who was responsible for the bombing.
'I know Lockerbie bombers'

15 November
Abu Talb admits he was "not innocent" in a Copenhagen bombing.
Lockerbie lawyers quiz Palestinian

14 November
Defence lawyers begin questioning a convicted Palestinian terrorist they accuse of the bombing.
Lockerbie lawyers quiz Palestinian

10 November
Convicted Palestinian terrorist Mohammed Abu Talb denies involvement in the bombing.
Terrorist denies Lockerbie bomb link

8 November
Syria is asked to release a document relating to the new evidence.
Lockerbie request goes to Syria

7 November
Talks about the new evidence take place in private between the judges, prosecution and defence.
Closed meeting at Lockerbie trial

24 October
The trial is adjourned for another week to allow the defence to study the new information handed over by an unnamed foreign government.
New evidence delays Lockerbie trial

23 October
Police have interviewed six people over the last two weeks as a result of new information received by prosecutors.
Six people quizzed over Lockerbie

10 October
The trial hears that one of the accused was issued with a false passport.
Trial hears false passport evidence

9 October
"Sensitive" information is passed to the prosecution by a government, causing a week-long adjournment of the trial from 10 October.
Trial postponed again

5 October
One of the two accused made a note in his diary shortly before the bombing to collect airline tags, the courts hears.
Judges agree to diary evidence

3 October
The trial begins hearing arguments over whether the diary of Al Amin Khalifa Fhimah is admissible in court.
Diary evidence debate

28 September
Giaka denies being offered a $4m reward by the US for information leading to the conviction of the two accused.
Spy denies $4m offer

27 September
Libyan defector Abdul Majid Giaka is said to have told the CIA that Colonel Gadaffi was an international mason.
Trial hears of Gadaffi 'mason' claim

26 September
A former spy says he saw two Libyans with a suitcase similar to the one alleged to have contained the bomb.
Spy 'saw' Lockerbie suspects

21 September
A Libyan double agent working for the CIA should enter the witness box at the Lockerbie trial next week, judges rule.
Spy's court date finalised

30 August
The trial is adjourned for three weeks to allow the resolution of the CIA documents issue.
Trial 'runs out' of evidence

30 August
Libyan defector Abdul Majid Giaka is unlikely to appear in the witness box for another month.
Spy's court date on hold

29 August
The judges reject a defence request to ask the US Government to help secure the release of more confidential CIA cables.
Judges reject CIA papers plea

28 August
The Lockerbie trial is shown the CIA documents at the centre of a dispute between prosecution and defence lawyers.
Trial examines 'secret' CIA papers

26 August
The UN releases the text of a letter assuring the Libyan Government about the treatment of the two Lockerbie bombing suspects.
UN 'assured Libya' over Lockerbie trial

25 August
Classified documents have been given by the CIA to the defence, the court hears
Secret papers handed over

24 August
Questions are raised about baggage handling procedures at Heathrow Airport.
Bags 'left unattended' at airport

23 August
Talks are held about the handover of secret CIA papers to the defence team.
Progress made on CIA papers'

22 August
Summer recess ends - The judges support the defence team's request for the CIA to declassify parts of messages relating to a "star" prosecution witness.
Court order over documents

25 July
The trial of two Libyans accused of the Lockerbie bombing will be many months shorter than first expected.
Lockerbie trial to last 'just months'

21 July
The defence seeks to highlight holes in security at Frankfurt Airport as they try to introduce "reasonable doubt" in the minds of the three Scottish judges.
Frankfurt security 'flaws'

19 July
Security at one of the airports linked to the Lockerbie bombing is described as lax by a lawyer for one of the men accused of the blast.
Lockerbie lawyer attacks air security

18 July
The trial hears that the two accused, one using a false name, flew to Malta the day before Pan Am Flight 103 blew up.
Lockerbie accused 'flew to Malta'

17 July
Witnesses tell the Lockerbie trial that one of the accused handled bags and tags at a Maltese airport where it is said the bomb was loaded.
Lockerbie accused 'worked at airport'

14 July
A former supervisor at Luqa Airport in Malta says it would, in theory, have been possible for an unchecked bag to have been put on a flight that connected with Pan Am 103.
Trial told of air security weakness

12 July
The trial is adjourned for two days after a group of witnesses from Malta refuse to give evidence.
Witnesses pull out of Lockerbie trial

11 July
A Maltese clothing shop owner says he sold clothes to a Libyan man, fragments of which were later found in debris on the crash site.
'Malta link' in Lockerbie chain

29 June
The two Lockerbie bombing suspects' passports are examined during the trial in the Netherlands.
Libyans' passports examined

28 June
An electronics expert who built the timer used in the Lockerbie bombing admits to discrepancies in what he told investigators after the attack.
Bomb timer maker faces court

27 June
Stasi agents suspected that bomb timer supplier Edwin Bollier had links to terrorist organisations including the IRA and ETA.
Lockerbie trial hears of IRA theory

23 June
The Lockerbie trial hears that a Swiss businessman - who supplied the timer which triggered the bomb - had collaborated with the East German secret police.
Pan Am blast man's Stasi link

22 June
Edwin Bollier tells the court how he wrote to American intelligence, blaming the Libyans for the atrocity.
Bomb timer boss blamed Libyans

21 June
The prosecution says it considered charging businessman Edwin Bollier in connection with the Lockerbie bombing.
Firm boss 'was Lockerbie suspect'

20 June
Swiss businessman Edwin Bollier says a circuit board fragment identified as part of the Lockerbie bomb was made by his company.
Bomb timer 'made by Swiss firm'

19 June
Further evidence links one of the accused and a Swiss company which made the timer believed to have detonated the fatal blast.
Trial told of bomb timer links

16 June
The owner of a firm which made the timer allegedly used in the Lockerbie bomb says he did business with one of the accused men.
Firm 'did business' with accused

14 June
A forensics expert shows the trial a picture of a radio-cassette "bomb" he reconstructed from evidence gathered at the crash site.
Trial shown cassette 'bomb'

13 June
Several measures are announced to improve translation facilities for the two accused.
Judges issue 'slow down' plea

9 June
The judges order an inquiry into translation facilities after the two suspects complain about the interpretation service they are receiving.
Trial translation inquiry ordered

1 June
A key witness is accused of changing his opinion on how Pan Am flight 103 was destroyed.
Trial expert accused of changing opinion

31 May
An explosives expert tells the trial that the bomb on Pan Am Flight 103 could not have been in a suitcase on the floor of a cargo container.
Case 'not on container floor'

30 May
An aluminium baggage container reconstructed after the bombing is examined in court.
Baggage container viewed in court

25 May
An air accident investigator tells the trial there was a significant mathematical error in the official report on the disaster.
Lockerbie bomb report 'error'

23 May
The resumption of the trial is prevented by a breakdown in the computerised system which relays notes from the stenographer to screens used by the lawyers.
Computer glitch halts trial

11 May
The trial is adjourned until 23 May to allow the prosecution time to prepare for the next phase of its case against the two Libyan suspects.
Lockerbie trial adjourned

10 May
The court is shown further fragments of debris from the plane, as the prosecution reveals the trial is weeks ahead of schedule.
Crown seeks trial time out

9 May
In the second week of the trial police and civilians who dealt with the aftermath of the bombing tell their stories.
Trial told of case fragments

8 May
Officials detail the painstaking operation to collect every possible fragment of the wreckage of the doomed 747.
Civilians to relive Lockerbie horror

5 May
Senior counsel Alistair Campbell QC recites the names and addresses of the Lockerbie victims - all 259 passengers and the 11 Lockerbie residents in alphabetical order.
Solemn silence for Lockerbie names

Police reveal that shortly after the tragedy they began to gather information on similar bomb attacks involving a Palestinian group - the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine - General Command.
Aircraft bomb 'links' explored

4 May
Both radical Palestinian groups incriminated by lawyers defending the two Libyans on trial deny any involvement in the bombing.
Palestinian radicals deny bomb link

Retired police superintendent Geoffrey Carpenter - the most senior police officer in Lockerbie on the night of the disaster - gives evidence.
Policeman relates bombing ordeal

3 May, 2000
The trial of Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi, 48, and Al Amin Khalifa Fhimah, 44, opens at Camp Zeist, a specially convened Scottish court sitting in the Netherlands. The trial is expected to run for more than a year.

The two plead not guilty to murdering the 270 victims of the Lockerbie bombing. In a special defence, they allege they know those responsible for the atrocity and name a number of individuals and organisations including the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the Palestinian Popular Struggle Front.
Lockerbie accused deny murder

The first witnesses in court are air traffic controllers who describe the process of monitoring the Pan Am flight, and the moment it disappeared from their screens.
Lockerbie plane's final moments

The Libyan Leader Colonel Gaddafi promises to accept the judgement of the court but he warns that it would be fruitless for the trial to result in further investigations into the actions of Libyan officials.
Gaddafi vows to accept court's verdict

Lockerbie megapuff graphic


Appeal concludes

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The trial
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