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Donald Dewar Wednesday, 18 October, 2000, 18:45 GMT 19:45 UK
Donald Dewar funeral: quotes
Sunrise in Glasgow on a sombre day
Sunrise in Glasgow on a sombre day
Gordon Brown, Chancellor of the Exchequer, gave the principal tribute. "This was Donald's gift - to establish not only a unique bond of trust with people, but also a common cause with them. People came to believe not only in what he did, but in what he stood for - the cause of social justice, the rock upon which his lifetime in public service was built," he said.

"He was a great man and a good man, a man of integrity and high ideas who, having earned the people's trust, was faithful to the last and delivered to us achievements that will endure long after all of us here are gone."

Broadcaster and journalist Ruth Wishart gave a personal tribute to Mr Dewar, who she described as a Glasgow man "in every bone and in every sinew".

She told mourners: "His children bear the greatest burden today, but they bear it in the knowledge that their father was a great Scot and a very fine human being."

Elizabeth Hunter, from Kirkcudbright, travelled to Glasgow to pay her last respects: "I always had a great admiration for him. He was an ordinary man and very approachable."

Floral tribute from Conservative MSP James Douglas-Hamilton and his wife: "With love for 40 years' good friendship."

Glasgow University floral tribute: "Donald Dewar was a great man who will be irreplaceable to the Glasgow University Union."

Helen Burns, from Drumchapel, said: "He was always for the underdog. There is nobody who will ever step into his shoes."

Maureen Tocher, from East Kilbride, said: "He was a man for Scotland. He was for the ordinary man. Today it's the common people who are coming to pay their respects to somebody like him."

Marion Latto, from Knightswood said: "He will never be replaced. He was always approachable and he was always around the area helping out with local projects. I was just a member of his constituency but for me he seemed like a friend and not just an MP."

Rev Douglas Alexander, who conducted the service, said: "To his immediate family and to his very, very real extended family, the Labour Party itself, I say this word, a word you all know to be true in your own experience:

In Donald there was honesty

In Donald there was decency

In Donald there was compassion

Thanks be to God. The very stones whisper it with us."

Glasgow University technician Anthony Patton said there had never been another like Mr Dewar. "He was a Scotsman through and through. When he was made the mould was broken."

Mourners on the streets of Glasgow also paid their tributes to the first minister. "He was the finest man that ever lived. I have great respect for him," said one woman.

Another woman told how her daughter wrote to Mr Dewar over a problem with a landlord and was invited to meet him. "I will never ever forget his kindness and compassion to her. He was kind and nice and human."

Jean Glen, 80, from Knightswood, knew Mr Dewar as her MP and MSP for 12 years. She recalled: "During the coalition talks my husband was seriously ill and he phoned at 10 o'clock that evening to find out how he was and what the prognosis was. I thought that was really special."

Labour councillor Elizabeth Cameron, who represents Knightswood South, said: "Donald's life was something to be celebrated. The community has lost someone irreplaceable. He was a famous figure but always approachable."

Conservative Party Chairman Michael Ancram said: "Donald was somebody who transcended party politics. The fact that there were so many people there from different walks of life and different parties was a tribute to him."

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