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Last Updated: Monday, 17 May, 2004, 22:51 GMT 23:51 UK
In pictures: US gay weddings
David Wilson (L) and Robert Compton (R) embrace after being married by a Unitarian minister
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It was a historic day as the first same-sex couples wed in the US state of Massachusetts.
Hillary Goodridge and her daughter
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Hillary Goodridge gave her daughter a kiss in their home in Boston before going to the city hall to marry her partner...
Hillary (L) and Julie Goodridge (R) display their rings after their marriage ceremony
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...and exchange rings with Julie Goodridge (right).
Unitarian Rev Kim Crawford Harvie announces she is able to legally marry David Wilson and Robert Compton in Arlington Street Church, Massachussets.
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The Boston Gay Mens' Chorus watches over a marriage in Arlington Street Church.
David Wilson (top R) and Robert Compton (top L) speak to the media after being married
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There was huge media interest in what is a controversial election year issue in the US.
Protests in Boston
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Protests in Boston reflected one end of the spectrum of views.
Queue for marriage licenses
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Many had queued to get marriage licences at civic venues all over the state.
Ellen Wade, left, and her partner, Maureen Brodoff
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Legal recognition of the unions sparked celebrations for the couples and their families.


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