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Last Updated: Thursday, 6 May, 2004, 11:48 GMT 12:48 UK
In pictures: New Young Europeans
 Carl Cordonnier - DAILYLIFE
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An exhibition that brings together young asylum seekers and refugees with other young Europeans is touring Europe. The exhibition is currently in Cork, and will open in Rome on 20 May. (All photos: Carl Cordonnier - DAILYLIFE)
 Carl Cordonnier - DAILYLIFE
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Run by the British Council, New Young Europeans is an exhibition about young people.
 Carl Cordonnier - DAILYLIFE
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Some have never questioned their right to a home, others are young asylum seekers or refugees from all over the world...
 Carl Cordonnier - DAILYLIFE
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...who have been encouraged to talk about their hopes and ambitions.
 Carl Cordonnier - DAILYLIFE
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The exhibition shows young people who have a unique contribution to make to their city and who share dreams that transcend national and cultural boundaries.
 Carl Cordonnier - DAILYLIFE
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The testimonies and comments are displayed apart from the pictures so that visitors don't immediately know who is an asylum seeker and who isn't.
 Carl Cordonnier - DAILYLIFE
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Bali, a 25 year old British Asian (not pictured), says, "These young people can teach you how to survive alone, how to form friendships when you don't even speak the same language...
 Carl Cordonnier - DAILYLIFE
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...and how to hold on to the highest possible morals and values despite your circumstances. That is quite a big contribution to make to a country, isn't it?"
 Carl Cordonnier - DAILYLIFE
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Diederik Kramers, UNHCR Brussels adds, this is "an excellent initiative, beautifully set up, which is, unfortunately, more necessary than ever!"
 Carl Cordonnier - DAILYLIFE
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The exhibition started in Brussels, and has already visited Cardiff, Helsinki, Edinburgh, and London. At the London opening of the exhibition at London's City Hall, Mayor of London Ken Livingstone stated "Thank you for everything you give to this city".

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