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Last Updated: Friday, 30 April, 2004, 20:24 GMT 21:24 UK
In pictures: Countdown to bigger EU
Polish children with EU and national flags in Porajov
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The yellow stars of the EU flag are being raised alongside national colours across the 10 states joining the EU.
Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel, Slovenian PM Anton Rop, Peter Ambrozy from the Carinthian Social Democrats, Carinthia's Governor Joerg Haider and Italy's  Enrico La Loggia
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Austrian, Italian and Slovenian leaders exchanged smiles and handshakes at their border to celebrate becoming EU brothers.
Air balloons showing European flags in Brussels
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Bad weather in Brussels prevented 25 EU hot air balloons taking off, but this did not dampen the party atmosphere.
Street painting in Vilnius, Lithuania
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In Lithuania - which used to be part of the Soviet Union - the day in history was marked with a giant mural.
German village of Kleinmaischeid
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In Germany, a village is celebrating being named as the geographical centre of the new EU.
Two Bavarian boys wave EU flags as a special train steams into the railway station across the Czech-German border
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A special steam train carried Czech passengers across the German border into Bavaria to celebrate enlargement there.
A Hungarian woman holds her daughter as she puts her hand print onto a side of a truck
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This Hungarian truck will be the first commercial vehicle to cross the border without a custom inspection.
Guenter Verheugen (L), EU Commissioner for Enlargement and former Polish Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek hug during a conference in Warsaw in March
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For some EU officials, enlargement means the culmination of years of work...
Shopping mall in Budapest, Hungary
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...and for many citizens, it means looking West after generations of looking to Moscow...
Two-year-old Czech girl at celebration in Karlovy Vary
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...but the younger generations will not remember a time outside the EU.

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