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Last Updated: Thursday, 12 February, 2004, 16:02 GMT
Images of faith
What the World Thinks of God
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As part of the BBC's global discussion about God, graphic artist Dimitri Kevgas looked at aspects of faith around the world brought together with the recurring theme of nature.
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As the tree is subjected to the natural elements of wind and lightning, so this abstract vision reminds us, as humans, of God's power through nature.
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This Buddhist monk meditates against a backdrop of the sun, stars and planets.
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This image portrays a Christian nomad in Africa - he is holding a rosary and crosses of various denominations, bathed in a gold light as the wind blows through the rushes around him.
Hindu dancers
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Hindu children from the Swaminarayan school in Neasden, London, celebrate God in a joyful dance set in a forest.
Jewish symbol
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This tattoo shows the Jewish Chamsah, an image of a hand used by both Jews and Muslims to ward off evil. It is inscribed "Shalom", and although the bearing of a symbol is reminiscent of the Holocaust, this modern young woman is proud and free.
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A Muslim woman portrayed in the Ayasofya in Istanbul which was originally the Hagia Sophia cathedral of Constantinople. The light shining through the windows contrasts with the dark but beautifully evocative and elaborate architecture.
New Age
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Modern new age religions often focus on spirituality. This girl's dreadlocks - which are interspersed with shells - hang like the dripping wax on the candles around her.


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