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Last Updated: Thursday, 5 February, 2004, 13:36 GMT
In pictures: bird flu hits Asian pastime
Wild birds displayed at a Hong Kong market
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Asia's bird flu outbreak has disrupted traditional pastimes in a number of countries
Two Thai men prepare their roosters for a fight
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In Thailand, authorities slapped a temporary ban on cock fighting, a popular sport in both town and countryside
A worker tries to trap pigeons in a cage in Shanghai
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In Shanghai, officials have been catching pigeons to inoculate them
A swan is tested for the bird flu virus in central China
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Shanghai also banned bird watching - a popular Chinese pastime
A Thai workers sweeps next to a notice announcing the temporary closure of Dusit Zoo in Bangkok
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A number of zoos - which attract huge crowds of locals as well as tourists - have been shut throughout the region
Migratory birds sit on trees at Hong Kong's Mai Po Wetlands
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Hong Kong sealed off a world-renowned bird sanctuary amid fears that the virus could spread via migratory birds
A inspector checks the birds' dung at Guandu Nature Park in Taipei
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And in Taiwan, officials were closely monitoring nature parts, restricting access to the public


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