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Last Updated: Tuesday, 27 January, 2004, 12:47 GMT
In pictures: Bird flu sweeps Asia
Farm workers in Thailand collect chickens to be destroyed
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An outbreak of avian flu is continuing to spread across Asia, killing at least eight people and millions of chickens
A Thai worker disinfects chicken cages at a pet market in Bangkok
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Thailand has mounted a huge operation to slaughter all birds in infected areas, as the disease claimed its second victim
A young Vietnamese girl suspected of contracting the bird flu, is treated by a nurse at Hanoi's National Paediatric Institute
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In Vietnam - where at least six people died of the avian flu - authorities are scrupulously analysing all suspicious cases
Indonesia farmers burn dead chickens at a village in Gresik
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Farmers in Indonesia burnt their dead chickens, although the government in Jakarta said it would vaccinate - not cull - infected birds
An Indonesian farmer looks at his dead chicken in a village in Bali
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Authorities on the island of Bali planned to hold a mass chicken dinner to allay any fears about the virus
Ducks in China
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China became the latest country to confirm the disease, which has infected ducks in south western Guangxi province
A man prepares to kill a chicken for a customer at a market in Beijing Tuesday
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Despite the news, it was just another busy day for chicken farmers in Beijing
A South Korean farmer in protection outfit covers his dead chickens at his chicken farm in Cheonan, south of the capital, Seoul
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In South Korea, also hit by the outbreak, officials were implementing a strict quarantine
A poultry vendor waits for customers at a market in downtown Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Malaysian officials brushed aside fears the disease might spread to the country
A sales person attends a customer at a chicken meat shop at Tokyo's market
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And in Japan, meat shop owners insisted their product was safe to eat.


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