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Last Updated: Monday, 15 December, 2003, 15:39 GMT
In pictures: Saddam in custody
Saddam Hussein
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First images of the former Iraqi leader, who is said to be in good health, show him with a grey beard.
Saddam Hussein  being examined
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His medical exam is documented for all to see.
Saddam Hussein medical examination
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Mouth swabs are taken which assist in confirming the identity of the ousted leader.
Saddam Hussein
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US military officials say Saddam Hussein did not resist arrest and, initially, he was described as being talkative and co-operative.
Saddam Hussein after examination
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After the examination, the removal of Saddam Hussein's beard reveals a more familiar image.
Entrance to the
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The entrance to Saddam Hussein's "spider hole" was covered up and camouflaged.
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After discovering the entrance to the hole, troops entered and found Saddam Hussein lying at the bottom.
US military photo shows spot where Saddam was hiding
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He was hiding next to a tiny two-roomed mud hut
The kitchen of the mud hut where Saddam Hussein was staying when he was caught
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Within view of one of his imposing palaces, the former Iraqi leader was hardly leading a life of luxury.
The bedroom of the mud hut where Saddam Hussein was staying when he was caught
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Saddam Hussein was thought to move frequently and not mind his surroundings a lot as he sought to evade capture
An armed Iraqi keeps discipline among crowds celebrating Saddam's capture
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Iraqis greeted the news of Saddam Hussein's capture with prolonged bursts of gunfire across the country...
Iraqi communists celebrate Saddam's capture
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... while members of the Iraqi Communist party danced in the street.


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