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Last Updated: Monday, 1 December, 2003, 17:03 GMT
In pictures: Samarra clashes
Shiite man enters a mosque in Samarra
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There were scenes of devastation across Samarra following fierce fighting between US forces and insurgents
Crushed car
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Wrecked vehicles littered the streets, some cars having been crushed by tanks
Iraqi looks at bullet damaged wall
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Walls were left pock-marked after heavy exchanges of gunfire
Iraqi points to hole in his shop wall caused by a missile
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At least one missile was fired, leaving gaping holes in concrete walls
Child stands in a bullet-holed entrance in Samarra
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American convoys were ambushed as they entered the central Iraqi city on Sunday, said the US military
Iraqi youth looks into one of the vehicles destroyed in Samarra
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US forces said 46 militants were killed - then upped the toll to 54, without saying if they were all insurgents or civilians
A wounded man in the hospital in Samarra
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Local doctors were quoted as saying at least eight of the dead were civilians, including a woman and a child.
A man beside the bus said to have been caught up in the fight between US forces and insurgents
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AFP agency correspondents said they saw a burnt out civilian bus and were told two of its occupants had Iranian passports
Two women stand on a bullet-riddled balcony
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The BBC's Peter Greste in Samarra says local people are angry at what they say was unnecessary force by American troops


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