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Last Updated: Wednesday, 1 October, 2003, 14:23 GMT 15:23 UK
In pictures: Iraqi return to school
Iraqi school girls
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Under the watchful eye of US troops, children from across Baghdad began arriving at their schools to register for the new term
Mother's wave to school children
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In a scene familiar for families worldwide, mothers anxiously waved off children going for the first time
Iraqi teacher hands out books
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There have been real problems securing sufficient text books for the country's schools
Looted school equipment in Baghdad
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In the wake of the conflict many schools were looted and plundered of their teaching resources
Iraq boy waiting for school
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Some of the youngsters did not look too keen to be heading back the classroom
Son of teacher at front of Iraqi class
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But despite being too young for school this boy had no choice - his mother, the teacher had to take him, as she had no-one to care for him
Damage assessment at Baghdad school
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Much work still needs to be done to get the schools which suffered serious war damage up and running


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