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US elections 2008

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US election calendar


Hillary Clinton

Barack Obama wins a big victory in North Carolina, while Hillary Clinton has a narrower-than-expected victory in Indiana.

10 MAY

Barack Obama

Following a string of endorsements, Obama takes the lead among super-delegates, who will cast the deciding votes at the party convention.

13 MAY

Clinton wins in Virginia

Hillary Clinton wins the West Virginia primary fuelling a perception that Obama has difficulty connecting with white working class voters.

14 MAY

John Edwards and Barack Obama

The former candidate John Edwards, who dropped out of the race in January, appears at a rally in Michigan to endorse Barack Obama.

20 MAY

Clinton supporters

Hillary Clinton wins the Kentucky primary but Barack Obama takes Oregon and claims that he now has a majority of pleged delegates.

31 MAY

Hillary Clinton

Democratic Party officials vote to seat all of Florida and Michigan's delegates at the party's convention, with each getting a half-vote.


Hillary Clinton in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico primary gives a clear victory to Clinton with 68% of the vote but the gain of 38 delegates is only able to put a dent in Obama's lead.


Baraxck and Michelle Obama

The final two primaries give Clinton a win in South Dakota while Obama wins in Montana and takes an unassailable majority of convention delegates.


Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton announces suspension of campaign and endorses Barack Obama. She congratulates him on "the extraordinary campaign he has won."


Barack Obama and Howard Dean

Obama announces he will reject public funding for the election campaign, going back on an earlier suggestion that he would accept it if his rival did.


Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama take the stage together at their first joint campaign rally, in the town of Unity, New Hampshire.


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