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Quiz of the year

End-of-year quiz

How closely were you paying attention to world events in the news this year? Test yourself with the BBC World News website end of year 2009 quiz to find out. There is one question per month.


1.) Multiple Choice Question

President Barack Obama kicked off the New Year by being sworn in as president - twice. In the original swearing in, one word was given out of order. Which of the following was Mr Obama's original?

  1. I do solemnly swear that I will execute faithfully the office of president of the United States
    US presidential seal
  2. I do swear solemnly that I will faithfully execute the office of the president of the United States
    Barack Obama's hand on a bible
  3. I do solemnly swear that I will execute the office of president of the United States faithfully
    Barack Obama

2.) Multiple Choice Question

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe celebrated his 85th birthday in lavish style in February. Which other world leader turned 85 this year?

Mugabe eats cake on his birthday
  1. President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt
  2. Saudi King Abdullah bin Abd al-Aziz al-Saud
  3. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

3.) Multiple Choice Question

"It was such a relaxing place, so calm and beautiful." Who said this and where had they been?

  1. Miss Universe, who toured the notorious Guantanamo Bay detention centre
    Miss USA
  2. Pope Benedict XVI, who held an open-air mass in Yaounde, Cameroon
    Pope Benedict XVI
  3. French first lady Carla Bruni, who visited London's Buckingham Palace.
    Carla Bruni

4.) Multiple Choice Question

What alterations did an Israeli newspaper make to this picture of the country's cabinet in April?

Israeli cabinet
  1. It made President Shimon Peres' jacket appear buttoned up
  2. It added a backdrop of Jerusalem
  3. It replaced the women with men

5.) Multiple Choice Question

What is this?

  1. An aeriel view of a U2 concert in California
  2. The base of a rocket taking two European telescopes into space
  3. An art installation in Rio de Janiero, Brazil

6.) Multiple Choice Question

A Belgian teenager threatened to sue after getting which of these tattoos?

  1. Stars on her face
  2. Dragon on her back
  3. Graphic on her head
  4. Michael Jackson on her back


Kimberley Vlaeminck said she had only wanted a small star but fell asleep in the tattooist's chair and woke up with her face covered. She later said she made up the story, after seeing her father's reaction to her new look.

Kimberley Vlaeminck

7.) Multiple Choice Question

French President Nicolas Sarkozy collapsed while jogging in July, after having a problem with what?

French President Nicolas Sarkozy
  1. His quad muscles
  2. His ankle
  3. A major nerve
  4. His heart

8.) Multiple Choice Question

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin cut a macho figure with these photographs. But which one was NOT taken on his summer holiday this year?

  1. Shooting
  2. Swimming
  3. Horse riding
  4. Jeep driving

9.) Missing Word Question

'Space * ' hosts global show

  1. DJ
  2. cadet
  3. clown
  4. cowboy


The Canadian billionnaire and self-proclaimed "first clown in space" compered a show featuring musicians and performers in 14 countries. The event was intended to raise awareness of global water shortages.

Guy Laliberte

10.) Multiple Choice Question

Why did the pilots of a US passenger plane take this unexpected flight path in October?

  1. They were following strange lights in the sky
  2. They were deep in conversation
  3. An electrical storm interfered with their navigation system

11.) Multiple Choice Question

Which of these haikus is NOT by Herman van Rompuy, elected the first permanent president of the European Council in November?

  1. Vintage wine at lunch: Expensed. At least it's not American, you claim.
  2. A fly whisks and hums, dipping and diving round the room. It hurts no one.
  3. Hair blows in the wind, after years there is still wind, sadly no more hair
    A balding head

12.) Multiple Choice Question

Which building injured Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi in December?

Italian buildings
  1. The Colosseum in Rome
  2. The Leaning Tower of Pisa
  3. The Duomo in Milan
  4. Milan's La Scala opera house


Mr Berlusconi spent four days in hospital after the attack. But he told his supporters to "stay calm", reassuring them that "love always triumphs over envy and hate". Click next to get your score.

Silvio Berlusconi


  1. As Chief Justice Roberts read out the oath for Mr Obama to repeat, he accidentally moved the word "faithfully" to the end.
  2. King Abdullah's exact date of birth is not known but he is believed to have been born in 1924, like Mr Mugabe. Mr Singh was born in 1932 and Mr Mubarak in 1928.
  3. Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza said she had "a looot of fun" visiting US troops in the Cuba camp. Critics said her comments were "horrendous".
  4. An ultra-Orthodox newspaper removed Limor Livnat and Sofa Landver from the picture to avoid offending their readers by violating female modesty. Another paper simply blacked them out.
  5. It's art. Hundreds of people gathered on Ipanema beach to watch Peter Coffin's Flying Saucer hover high in the sky.
  6. It's the stars. Click next to see the full effect.
  7. The fitness-fanatic president had a "minor" problem with his vagal nerve, which connects the abdomen to the brain.
  8. Picture one was taken in 2007.
  9. Circus entrepreneur and space tourist Guy Laliberte broadcast live from the International Space Station.
  10. The pilots of the plane from San Diego to Minneapolis were engrossed in a "heated discussion" about rotas, and missed their destination airport by 150 miles (240km).
  11. It's the wine. This was British newspaper the Independent's attempt at an EU-themed haiku in honour of the appointment.
  12. It was Milan's Duomo, or rather an alabaster model of it, which was thrown at him during a political rally in the city breaking nose and two teeth.

Your Score

0 - 4 : Christmas turkey

5 - 8 : Christmas cracker

9 - 12 : Christmas star

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