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Reaction to Jamaica's golden boys

The Jamaican men's sprint relay team have stormed home to victory in world record time.

Usain Bolt captured a third gold medal and a third world record in the 4x100m relay.

The quartet smashed the previous world record of 37.40 seconds set by the United States at the 1992 Olympics by a huge margin to set a new benchmark of 37.10.

BBC website readers have been telling us how they have been celebrating the news.


Celebrations in Jamaica. Photo: Noel Codling
Cheering on Jamaica to another gold
"Oh my goodness. I donít think I have come back to my senses as yet. It's totally unbelievable. It was fascinating. It was a joy to behold.

I'm at a loss for words actually. It was really overwhelming. Especially the changeover from Usain to Asafa, it was mouthwatering. It was just fabulous, absolutely fabulous.

I watched it at home. I stayed at home with my son and we made a lot of noise in the community as usual. It was great, absolutely great.

A couple of my friends had gathered in Halfway Tree, the main area in Kingston, for the women's race, and truly it was disappointing to see what happened.

I'm at a loss for words actually. It was really overwhelming

Then afterwards it was pandemonium in Halfway Tree when the men won the race in world record time. That was absolutely fabulous. Super!

I was a little concerned in the beginning. I knew they would win as long as they managed to do the baton changeovers.

What if the mistakes of the American team, or the Jamaican women's relay team were repeated? But I broke out rejoicing when I saw the final changeover and I said, "YES". The margin of victory was almost like a country mile.

All I have been doing is surfing the net looking at the reaction of the international press. I was reading some articles from Australia and they had this great debate about who is the king of the Olympics, whether it was Phelps or Bolt.

It is good that Jamaica can be part of this kind of celebration. It's historic.


I was at home with my mum, we watched the race together. We had our flags in our hands and we clapped and danced.

Dahlia Beckford in Spanish Town
Dahlia celebrates in Spanish Town
We expected only the gold medal because we had Usain Bolt and Asafa Powell in the race and they are both past and present world record holders, so of course we expected to come first.

People are dancing, waving flags, people are on top of buses, just celebrating.

It's ecstatic, it's unbelievable and it's exciting. This celebration is going to last for a few weeks because when the athletes come home there will be another round of celebrating.

I am going to try to go out and join the celebrations and most definitely when they come back I will have to try and get to the airport for their arrival.


I thank God for the victory and am feeling on top of the world right now. I am proud to be Jamaican and am flying my flag on my car. I hope the Jamaican government declares a public holiday for us to celebrate. Jamaica is simply the sprint capital of the world.
Dwight Shelly, Kingston

I am in Jamaica and the feeling is overwhelming. As Jamaicans we were always hovering around gold in athletics for the last 20 years. This team has redeemed the efforts of Merlene Ottey, Juliette Cuthbert, Raymond Stewart to show that we are truly talented. Every possible percussion material is being used in the celebration... pot covers, sticks beating on zinc fences, hands pounding on bar tables and workers trying to contain themselves in their work environment.
R. Malcolm, Kingston

Kingston dweller here! We are breathless after all these medals. Every morning begins with excitement these days. In our time zone, most of the important stuff comes on between 6:30 and 9:30. Very hard to do any office work during this time because of the noise from the streets, upstairs, etc. We were so disappointed after the girls dropped the baton but are ecstatic about the 4 by 100 men's. Everyone is happy that Asafa now has a gold!
Sue, Kingston

Three of the men are from the MVP club which trains at the University of Technology. Bolt trains at the University of the West Indies. Globalisation is now the buzz word so all those countries wanting to do well should send their athletes here to train. Jamaica has one of the best high school athletics system in the world going for more than 100 years. Jamaica is now regarded as the cultural super state, in music, sports, food and spice, and more. Check it.
Conroy Julian, Kingston

It's absolute chaos here. All major thoroughfares are jammed with pedestrians waving flags and banging pot covers. Jamaica is finally having her day (well let's just say week) in the limelight. If we are partying in the streets now I wonder what it will be like when our athletes come home.
Enzo, Kingston

After the disappointment of seeing our girls crash out of the 4x100m women, there was an eerie silence in my office as we all watched the men run, hoping that each baton change went smoothly. Then when Asafa gathered from Usain, we all exploded in delight as we knew that "it done"... baton successfully passed. Pandemonium in the streets afterwards as the offices on Knutsford boulevard emptied, and the party began. Reminds me of when Jamaica qualified for the 1998 Football World jubilation. Even now, two hours later car horns are still blaring in the street.
Carlton Brown, Kingston

This top-drawer performance belies our tiny nation status, even as our credentials as an athletics superpower are majestically underscored. It is sheer pandemonium here, with unparalleled goodwill overflowing in the streets. It's great to see my country happy again. I'm feeling really great right now. I love how the guys performed. I knew that once they were able to get the baton around, the world record would have been broken. I'm so proud to be Jamaican. I am happy for Asafa that he could finally get a gold medal.
Rayon Prince, St. Catherine

Gold medal fever has spread across the island! Every TV is set to the Olympic coverage and everyone is watching the races! In Negril, as the victory came to be, an excited cry went up over the entire town - you could hear shouts of joy in the distance! This is a great time to be in Jamaica!
Rob Graves, Negril

We are overjoyed about Carter, Fraser, Usain and Asafa's performance. They were excellent. Words can't describe how we Jamaicans feel right now. The mishap that the girls made is even minor right now. I am from Asafa's home and it is just crazy excitement now. We are proud.
Natalya, Ewarton, St. Catherine

This is a great day that our Lord hath made and I am overwhelmed. Many days, I pray to see good news coming out of Jamaica; this day, it has happened. I do hope our young men will take a leaf from the book of these athletes, especially the fact that Shelly Ann Fraser is one of my Church sisters. I am elated, I just cannot contain my emotions. I am crying tears of joy and saying, "God, you did this, it happened".
Pastor David Harris, Braeton, St. Catherine

I must say congrats to the Jamaican team for their world record run in the 4x100 relay. All of you guys we are proud of you. The females will make it up in their 4x400 relay. Big up to all of you.
Nigel Hinds, Spanish Town, St. Catherine

A magnificent feat...truly phenomenal. It's unprecedented for Jamaica. We were always a great people, but the world was just not level enough for our true potential to materialise.
Lincoln, St. Thomas

It's pandemonium here! The national flag is being flown everywhere from buildings to motor cars to motor cycles. Residents are decked out in the national colours (especially gold). There were large gatherings at different locations throughout the island before the races. Here at work, everyone stopped working to find a TV set. Some people didn't even bother to leave for work until the race was done. When it was all done the celebrations had just begun; deafening screams all across the island! Everyone jumping for joy, and as if screaming wasn't loud enough, they began to knock pots and pans, motorists tooted their horns. Everybody is celebrating, even the criminals. I'm sure today is going to be yet another crime-free day. Overall, there is peace, love and unity. We're proud of our accomplishments in the Beijing Olympics.
Stacey-Ann, St. Ann


We are jamming, don't you think? It goes without saying that every Jamaican around the world was supporting team JA and the men delivered. A disappointing end for the women, however we love them, and are still very proud of them. A truly magnificent performance of sportsmanship and effort by the men, who gave track and field a glorious end in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Well done guys, well done team JA, you have made us proud to wear the colours today, now we are definitely jamming. It really was good to see Asafa and Michael smile today, as they really deserved to leave the games with a medal. One Love.
Trudy King , United Kingdom

As a Bajan who lived in Trinidad, has several Jamaican friends from school and is presently living in the US, I am simply ecstatic! I am and have always been proud to be West Indian! Fantastic going guys!
Andrew D, Missouri, USA

No, I'm not a Jamaican, but a Trini. Congrats to both the Jamaican and T and T teams. Bolt you were amazing in all your races, three golds and three world records. Powell was very fast on the last leg as well. He made a good comeback. Congrats to the T and T teams for placing second in the 4x100m, especially Thompson for picking up two silver medals for his country. You boys made us proud. Well done. All round the Caribbean did excellent this Olympics. There's no place like an island in the sun!
Saaliha Mohammed, Trinidad and Tobago

My boys could have gone close to under 36sec if they were pushed but there simply was no competition out there.
Booky, George Town, Grand Cayman

It is great to see how well the Jamaicans have performed at this year's Olympics. I know that myself and my fellow Jamaican friends are really proud of both the men's and women's team! Usain Bolt's name will be remembered by all after these games have finished. In response to the IOC approaching Usain about his conduct after winning the 100m; it is cultural! Jamaican people are very expressive and we like to celebrate. By dancing he was showing the world he was happy. He was not showboating or being aggressive like former sprinters have been in previous games. He is the man that brings a smile to everyone's face - wish I had been there!
Simoine, London, UK

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