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Too much, Usain?

Usain Bolt wins the 100m final

Olympics boss Jacques Rogge has told Usain Bolt to show more respect for opponents after the Jamaican claimed the first sprint double for 24 years.

Bolt showboated at the start and finish of his world-record breaking 200m race and slowed up yards from the line in the 100m final so he could celebrate.

Callers to the World Have Your Say programme on the BBC World Service had plenty to say on the matter.


Usain Bolt's celebration was a pure expression of joy. It's not always the case in sport though - footballers do sometimes go over the top.

I think Bolt was just somebody celebrating. It's phenomenal to run 9.69 in the 100m and then do 19.3 in the 200m.

I remember seeing Michael Johnson back in 1993 and I didn't think for one moment that someone could break his record, but Bolt did it with such ease. I think he was just enjoying the moment.

I enjoyed watching him celebrate it. It was just somebody who was completely delighted with what he had achieved. We should give him his due.


It's true that Usain Bolt did nothing wrong. The question is, was it sportsmanlike to gloat the way he did? The IOC has said no. I know a lot of people at home were disgusted with the way he carried on, but I'm not in the guy's psyche - it could be a cultural thing.

What made me uncomfortable was the way he was announcing his name - maybe that's the way he psyches himself up. It was like he was saying: 'I'm the best in the world, I know it already before we even compete. So focus on me and forget about the rest'.


Of course I'm a big fan! I don't think he's being disrespectful. I guess there is a bad way to win, but I think Usain is just celebrating his win.

Maybe some Jamaicans may think he's being rude, but it's a small minority. It's being discussed here too, but the majority of us think he's just being himself.

I think that Usain was extremely excited and proud. He's also a young lad so you probably have to blame some of his reactions on his youth.

But I just think that he did it all in good fun and with no disrespect, it's just the way he expresses himself.

It has not been on anyone's lips here in Jamaica to criticise his display. I think we are just overwhelmed and proud as a small nation to have accomplished so much, so no - it's not negative.


Congratulations to him - he did very well, but at the end I think he was very unprofessional. He could have waited for another 0.5 seconds to start his celebrations in the 100m.

On another day he could have been pipped to the post, he was just lucky that the other guys were not close to him.

He should have remained professional - it's an Olympic final. He shouldn't have started celebrating 10m before the finish line, he's got to touch the line first.

He got away with it, but it's not the safest way to win gold. You should never underestimate your opponents.

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