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Jamaicans celebrate sprint success

Usain Bolt
Usain Bolt's world record and a clean sweep by the Jamaican women in the 100m Olympics final has led to wild celebrations back home.

Here, BBC Website readers in Jamaica share their experiences on their country's sprinting success.

Ashacka Brown, Kingston, Jamaica

The whole island is ecstatic at how Usain and our women sprinters have done. I first came across Usain a few years ago, when I saw him as a teenager in a local athletics competition I was at.

I was there supporting my school and was lucky enough to see him compete for another school. The moment I saw him run, I knew that he was going to be something special.

I had the pleasure of having a chat with him at the time and as we are pretty much the same age, I have always keenly followed his progress.

When he ran that 100m final, my whole neighbourhood was celebrating his achievement as the first Jamaican man to win a gold in the 100m. It's something I won't forget.

Gina Harrison, Kingston, Jamaica

Gina Harrison
Gina Harrison saw Usain Bolt compete in the Jamaican trials
Collectively as a nation we have been swept up in a whirlwind of excitement over the electrifying performances of our talented young athletes at the Olympics.

They have done us oh-so proud! Experiencing the eruption of pure abandon and joy that only we Jamaicans can exhibit is in itself a national exercise.

We've been gathering around in groups at our homes to watch the races. This morning, we all stood up with pride as the Jamaican flags were hoisted in the awards ceremony.

When the athletics is on, there is no traffic on the roads - everyone is indoors glued to their TVs!

I knew Usain was going to do something special

We are an exuberant people and we made sure just before the 100m that there were no objects that could get knocked over or smashed in the room - and it was just as well, because we started jumping around and ran dancing into the street when Usain broke the 100m record.

I knew Usain was going to do something special, as I'm a big athletics fan and I saw him in the Jamaican National Championships earlier in the year.

There were so many people who wanted to take photos with him and get his autograph and he stopped for each and every one of them. That is the mark of the man.

David Smith, Portmore, Jamaica

There is a real sense of unity on the island after the way Usain and the women performed in the 100m. The prime minister has said he will plan a special homecoming for the Jamaican team and we can't wait for it!

I first heard about Usain in 2002, when I saw him compete as a 15-year-old in the world junior championships and he was amazing even then.

I'm looking forward now to the big celebrations

I've been watching the athletics at home with friends and family. Everyone on the island has been watching - there are even big screens in town, so if people are out and about, they can still keep across what is happening.

I expect Usain to win the 200m, but I don't think he'll break the world record yet. However, I'm sure he will by the time he has retired.

I'm looking forward now to the big celebrations that await him and the women sprinters on their return!

Tricia Chambers, Kingston, Jamaica

Tricia Chambers
Tricia says the whole Island of Jamaica has bonded
When I saw Usain winning that 100m, my heart was full of so much happiness and I was yelling and screaming my head off - as were all my neighbours in our complex.

Finally a true Jamaican countryman won the 100m gold and we got the credit we deserved! I say this, as Donovan Bailey was also Jamaican but he upped and went to go run for Canada and gave them the gold.

I am so proud and happy for Usain. He earned it and ran a superb race - even though he jogged the end of it! Kingston right now is a good place to be.

People are wearing the Jamaican colours on their clothing. It's just awesome to see. People are just happy and smiling and when you go into any local bar, coffeeshop - just anywhere - all everyone is talking about is Usain and how fast he was.

Jamaicans are bonding and are just happy right now - there are no worries about crime for a change and that's a good thing.

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