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Last Updated: Tuesday, 4 January, 2005, 15:57 GMT
Where the UK aid is going
UK aid agencies are undertaking an unprecedented programme of aid supplies to those countries worst hit by the tsunami in the Indian Ocean, targeting help relevant to particular areas.

It is being co-ordinated by the Disasters Emergency Committee, an umbrella organisation which runs the UK's national response to international disaster appeals.

Click on the map to see which charities are active in which countries, and for details of some of the key work being done there.

SomaliaIndiaBurmaThailandSri LankaMalaysiaMaldivesIndonesiaAndaman and Nicobar Islands


Christian Aid Working with partner organisations to help establish relief camps with basic facilities.

Oxfam Plans to provide shelter, food and drinking water.

Tearfund Helping partners provide medical staff and supplies.

Also present: ActionAid and Concern.


Red Cross Providing "family kits" of cooking and hygiene supplies.


ActionAid Mobile medical teams providing basic medicines and critical-care support; food, water, sanitation and safe disposal of the dead; working with other aid agencies to provide a co-ordinated relief and recovery effort.

Cafod Food, clothing, medical aid and relief camps.

Care Clothes, blankets, cooking and water-storage equipment.

Christian Aid Working with partner organisations to establish rapid-response plans and to distribute food, clothing and vital equipment, as well as removing bodies and animal carcasses.

Concern Working with partner agencies to provide basic food, water, shelter and clothing; will help poorest communities re-establish livelihoods.

Help The Aged Medical teams; food, water, shelter and hurricane lamps.

Oxfam Waste disposal; latrines; clearing debris and restoring water supplies, as well as food, shelter and clothing, and aid for fishing communities. Volunteers will help with hygiene education and hand-pump repairs.

Save The Children Working with partners to supply food, shelter, health and hygiene kits; oral rehydration salts and high-energy foods. Plans to help fishing communities and provide education and psycho-social support for children.

Tearfund Working with partner agencies to provide food, water-purification tablets and other emergency equipment, including torches.

World Vision Food, fuel, water, mosquito nets; cooking utensils and medical help.


Cafod Food, water and logistical aid through the international umbrella Caritas network.

Care Water-purification materials.

Christian Aid Working with partners to distribute food and medicines and to provide bedding, medical help and assistance for traumatised children.

Concern Deputy chief executive, Paddy Maguinness, based in Jakarta to oversee aid programme. Help includes food, shelter, communications facilities and equipment to bury the dead.

Merlin Medical and sanitation help; mosquito nets and cholera-treatment kits.

Oxfam Chiefly water.

Red Cross Field hospital; blankets and clothing; clean-water equipment and "family kits" of cooking and hygiene supplies.

Save The Children Working with partners to provide water, sanitation, shelter, bedding, hygiene and medical equipment; small generators.


Red Cross Providing refuge at relief centres.


Red Cross Help with water and sanitation.

Also present: Oxfam.


Oxfam and Red Cross working in the country.


ActionAid Working with peasant groups to target the poorest communities.

Cafod Refugee camps; medical and technical assistance, as well as food and other relief items.

Care Food, clothing, cooking utensils and other aid.

Christian Aid Working with partner organisations to help with evacuations, setting up camps, delivering aid and retrieving bodies.

Concern Working with partner agencies to distribute targeted food, water and survival equipment.

Help The Aged Clean water and other supplies in areas where elderly day-care centres have been hit.

Merlin Emergency response team includes medical and water and sanitation specialists.

Oxfam Clean water; sanitation and facilities for females in particular.

Red Cross Distributing relief, especially clean water and medical supplies; helping tend the wounded.

Save The Children Food, clothing and personal items; generators, construction and communications equipment. Relief experts are active in several of the hardest-hit areas.

Tearfund Working with partner organisations to provide food, water, shelter, clothing, bedding, water purification, trauma-counselling and medical assistance.

World Vision Food, bedding, clothing, kitchen utensils and basic medication.


ActionAid Working with fishing communities.

Care Water, clothing, oral-rehydration packs, medicines and first aid.

Oxfam Working with partner agencies to provide relief supplies to fishing communities.

Red Cross Medical care, food, water and clothing.

World Vision Food, cooking equipment, blankets, school supplies and construction materials.


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